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Should I Pay Cash or Redeem Miles For an Airline Ticket?

Let’s say you’re in the readiness position for booking a flight ticket with accumulated Miles. However, the budget is for most of us a critical issue from dealing with fluctuating currency exchange rates or being cash-limited and needing to reach a destination.

How Points and Miles Can Help With a Last-Minute Trip

If you have already made your holiday plans, and ready to book with miles then you can enhance your trip with the Best Western Rewards & Loyalty program. At the same time, you can add to the experience with:

Award Booking By Phone VS Online Reservations

There are various occasions when travelers wish to reach a destination that is not routed by their preferred airline. This is where you can look forward to spending the night at an unwanted location due to the fact of separate tickets being an issue related to a misconnection.

Using a Positioning Flight Trick for International Award Flights

When we look at a positioning flight with regard to air travel it is a flight that must be taken to enable you to reach a main international. One example when you need to travel across the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans. If you are not located within close reach of a major international terminal hub, you need to reach one by some means!

Ways to Get Airport Lounge Access For Every Traveler

For many travelers information related to advantages and benefits that are available to them can either be unknown or not utilized to its full extent. This can specifically refer to you being able to frequently save money and be further rewarded, such as by gaining access to an airport lounge upon arrival by way of a credit card!