We know that upon our return from our travels there will be a sharing our experiences, showing photographs, and the travel gifts. However, lingering in the background can be an air of anticipation about what are the hidden goodies we have for them. Some popular travel gifts to bring from Italy may include a wine or a Venetian mask.

However, choosing travel gifts to bring for close family and friends is not an easy task. For one thing, you must be careful to balance the type of gift and cost in order not to slight or upset one of them. Of course, it’s the thought that counts but, giving something special to mark the occasion is always the preferred option!

So, how do we go about this somewhat delicate and sensitive issue of choosing the best and most appropriate travel gifts to bring back?

Replicating the Flavor of a Country

A concept that is always appealing is a gift that represents the nature of a country and its people and which for the recipient, gives them a feeling of being part of your experience. Food and sharing a meal is a traditional bonding and hostess gifts can be cherished as unusual and even exotic items. You can make a gift of something like packaged foods or for instance:

  • Pickled mangos from India
  • Maple syrup from Canada
  • Selected French Macaroons or cheese(s)

Or, if you are feeling particularly creative, you could find local craft shops in a particular region that offers personalized gifts:

  • A sketch or drawing of a local character or place
  • Traditional garments, like a Sari
  • An embroidered personal message, or image of a recognized place, saying or theme
  • Objects of art

It is difficult to replicate a special event or happening but if do have a memorable experience. Capture it for a family member or friend with the travel gifts to bring them something from that particular time and place. It can be a simple piece of cloth or even a stone. But its something that is part of you and you are sharing it with them, and that is special!

Where You Go and What You Bring Back

Don’t cry for Argentina; which is renowned for leather items and where you can choose between:

  • A leather belt or a leather wallet
  • Crafted Leather shoes and a lot more

Visiting the many and varied small boutiques will give you gift ideas for anyone and everyone, in exceptional quality leather.

Belgium, and especially the cities of Brussels and Bruges, has long been recognized for its superb tapestry and intricate lacework, which is hand-crafted. For the technically minded it frequently involves the use of more than 100-threads per bobbin in its creation!

If the Far East, such as China, is one of your vacation destinations this is where your gift selection could center on the drinking of tea, which is traditional and sometimes a serious occasion. From magnificently crafted crockery to decorative containers of original China teas, such as

Experience the Pleasure of Giving

Something that is definitely different could be a gift from England in the form of Cadbury’s Chocolate! If you are from the USA this could be of particular value. Although many believe this is the best chocolate produced worldwide. American import laws have banned it in the USA. Therefore, that is another very special gift!

Moving on to your travel gifts to bring from Germany we meet with the popular and traditional Beer Stein. This is always a particularly welcomed gift, either for the beer drinkers in your family or as a very attractive ornament. Generally produced from porcelain, pewter or stoneware, they can also be found made in glass.

There are various gifts shops in the German cities that sell authentic handmade beer steins and are travel gifts for all occasions.

If you are in Greece then the obvious gift and an original one is Olive oil. This is a country renowned for its virgin olive oil production. They utilize it which in the majority of Greek cooking recipes. If you visit the island of Crete then the agricultural co-operative is a world-recognized olive oil producer. Alternatively, you can choose from a wide selection of cosmetics or soaps made from healthy Olive oil.

About Wrapping Your Gifts

Better safe than sorry which means arrange for a gift to be wrapped at the source to avoid any potential embarrassment when you present it to the receiver! It is recorded that an efficient store wrapper can wrap a box in mere 15-seconds. The gift is perfectly secured and ready for your journey.

Otherwise, it’s a question of using your own techniques or going online to research skills in packaging!