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Acclimatization or How to Adjust to a New Climate?

The climate we experience every day at home does have a certain amount of influence on our every day lives. However, when we are considering making a trip out of town or out of the country, it then assumes that we should adjust to a new climate as it has a positive or negative effect on our general wellbeing.

Curious and Interesting Facts About the Airport Lounges

Not too many years ago the hospitality and standard of conditions that you found at the airport lounges would have been very much on par across the globe.

The Religious Conflicts on a Plane and How to Behave?

The meaning attached to “disruptive passenger behavior” in the context of being onboard an aircraft can be ambiguous. A disruption can be a passenger talking loudly during a movie, a baby crying or something significantly more serious, such as religious conflicts on a plane.

Pre-Flight Preparations: Two Hours Before Take-Off

The aircraft which you will be boarding in about 2-hours has landed! Almost immediately highly qualified and trained airline employees start pre-flight preparations performing their allocated duties like a well-rehearsed team they are.

How to Buy Personal Commercial Aircraft Like Boeing or Airbus?

At one time or another, most of us have envisaged the experience of global jet-setting in our own aircraft. However, apart from the obvious hurdle of the expense involved, there are other many and varied factors to take into account. Especially buying a personal commercial aircraft, like a Boeing for instance!

Here’s How You Should Prepare for Traveling With a Baby

Your preparations for traveling with a baby depend on how organized a mum you are. Before stuffing your hold-all with baby clothing make a packing checklist to ensure you do not forget to take any necessary items.

How to Claim Missing American Miles After a Flight?

As an American Airlines Frequent Flyer, you are conscious of the amount of time you have spent in the air. Also, it’s reasonable for you to believe that this wear and tear on your body and wallet should be rewarded!

Are the Passengers Always Informed of In-Flight Emergencies?

The In-Flight Emergencies are interesting if only because of the ever-increasing volume of aircraft in the skies, taking-off, and landing at any given time across the globe! The first thought that is coming into your mind – is the number of challenges airline pilots face during any flight. So, what can they do in an emergency?

ANA Award Chart Changes: The Good and The Bad News

Japan-based carrier ANA recently announced a major change to its frequent flyer program, shifting from a distance-based chart to a region-based one. Let’s take a look at the ANA award chart changes and what it means for award travelers.

EVA Air Joined Star Alliance Network

EVA Air joined the Star Alliance network on June 18, further strengthening the group’s presence in the Asia & Pacific region. Star Alliance has progressively built its Asia & Pacific presence and, today has eight member-carriers based in the region.