You’re stuck at an airport and gearing up to survive long layover. Here are some tips to maximize those hours between flights!

Effectively, when you take a flight that includes a layover it is generally less costly than a direct flight. However, if you put some thought into this situation, the potential time spent during a layover can be turned into an enjoyable and memorable part of your trip, and give you some fun at the same time!

Relive Mental and Physical Stress

If you’re thinking of browsing the shops or battling with crossword puzzles, change this thought pattern to thinking about what there is to do in airports, such as, consuming dishes prepared by celebrity chefs. A trip to the nearby city or even loosen those flight-tensed muscles at a fitness center!

On that subject, if you practice yoga or just enjoy exercise, you can pack a yoga-mat and enjoy some deep breathing and stretching at the airport; for instance:

  • San Francisco International Airport provides two free yoga rooms
  • Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam offers a meditation center also at no cost
  • Check the relevant airport website to see what facilities are available?

Fast and Affordable Layovers

Many of the airports have fast and affordable transportation available for trips to the city and this for you can mean an overnight layovers adventure! It is easy and convenient for travelers in many cities to make use of public transport from the airport to the city center and enjoy a few hours of exploration!

This is when you can check for a great airport restaurant and enjoy some food prepared by a celebrity chef. If you want to survive long layover making the best of the airport services then pre-planning is always a good option. Make out a rough itinerary by (airport website)finding out:

  • Transportation facilities from and to the airport (airport website)
  • Research the whereabouts of attractions that appeal to you
  • Allow time for traffic delays, airport security lines, and other delay-influences

Visit Slumber-Land

If you are not a traveler who survive long layover sleeping on the airport floor or a bench then again, research the layover airport for designated sleeping sections or special sleep chairs. It can be a great way to relax and pass the layover time. Examples are:

On the other hand, if you do have plans to spend a night on an airport bench, and enjoy the airport ambiance you could be roused by security personnel, who may not be pleased with a traveler camping in the airport.

Relax in Comfort and Enjoy

If you prefer to benefit from those layover hours, especially waiting for a long connection then a proper rest will set you up for the journey ahead. Consider booking a short-term lodging, for a half-day, which could be cheaper than you think and would be valuable for the money. YOTEL facilities are available at:

  • London Heathrow and Gatwick airports
  • Charles de Gaulle in Paris
  • Schiphol in Amsterdam

This is accommodation located within the airport terminals, motivated by the Japanese capsule hotels. A standard cabin usually rented for a minimum of four hours and includes a bed, bathroom with shower, and a television. More spacious Premium accommodation is also available!

Enjoy a Food Experience

We all know that the food at an airport is not the best. But there are some amazing exceptions to this perception.

There are select airport restaurants and eateries that offer you the opportunity to enjoy the genuine gourmet cuisine. They range from the local traditional dishes to those with an exotic rating. An example of this you can experience at JFK. Its French cafe serves mouth-watering dishes such as sautéed prawns, among some delicious others.

Internationally, you could survive long layover and make the most of your delayed flight at London Heathrow. You can visit the restaurant owned by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. Named appropriately “Plane Food” you will also have the opportunity if you are pressed for time, to collect and enjoy a Plane Food “picnic” gourmet meal on the plane!

Chat, Observe or Play the Games

There are various ways and means to pass time. Some more innovative than others, for example, chatting with a stranger at the airport bar, in a lounge or a restaurant. Who and what they are and their occupations. This could be particularly interesting on international flights!

If you’re going to book a flight with a long layover, pre-pack a board game or two. This way you can comfortably and quickly pass the time. Otherwise, you have the option of some intriguing computer games. In any event, look upon your airport layover as a challenge to your ingenuity.

Surprise yourself!