Financial benefits and rewards are a powerful motivation and are now seen and practiced in a wide and varied range of business promotions. This is the ultimate guide on how to search for award seats on a Star Alliance carrier!

Basics of Earning and Accumulating Miles with Airline Partnerships

The earning and collection of airline partnership miles is for the majority of Frequent Flyers, the primary objective! It can also present various challenges if you are a newcomer to this type of award system. It is one aspect, which begins with finding award seat availability. Accordingly, it’s a wise to plan your flight using the accumulated miles earned from the airline with which you intend flying. This will offer you access to the best seating awards available.

As you review and compare the different programs available it will quickly become apparent that there are significant differences between them:

  • It can be the terms related to award seating availability in the programs offered
  • Do not anticipate that available award space is distributed on an equal sharing basis between the airline partners

Check Your Facts for Availability

In our fast-paced Internet-dominated world of business and pleasure, it is becoming increasingly challenging to find business-class award space. For instance:

  • Lufthansa first-class is only available to you with partner programs
  • Within the USA making a United booking with miles accumulated will be favored as the airline is also the American-based carrier for Star Alliance

Search for Star Alliance Award

If you are just starting on your search for Star Alliance Award seating availability, then United is an excellent foundation, mainly due to your not having to log in for searches.To put your mind at rest, be prepared with your best possible option:

  • This could be to search for an individual, one-way segments
  • Contact the agent by phone
  • Structure your preferred route with the United Miles program that meets your demands
  • Determine any service charges that may be applied!

2020 and Goodbye to a Search Service

It may for some travelers be a shock to learn that 2020 will see the demise of the Aeroplan Award Tool! This site offered travelers:

  • Viewing Award seating capacities for Swiss and Singapore flights
  • Be shown convenient itineraries for segmented trips
  • Search multi-destination itineraries
  • Determine between economy/premium economy and business/first options
  • Enables easy sorting of routings by personal preference

Effective in redeeming your Aeroplan Miles, one stipulation as a user is that you must be an ANA Mileage Club program member and log in to search award space.

Fingertip Searches for More Flight Miles Awards

With one touch you can search for a multitude of travel destinations and travel dates. This is achieved with an innovative search engine that automatically filters high volumes of flight options and indicates the best application for your needs.

The Award Nexus search service provides the advantage of being able to determine available options by flights on premier carriers. They include:

  • Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific
  • Layovers at leading airport lounges

Advantages and Benefits

The advent of United removing and introducing specific stopover policies, and superseding them with an “Excursionist Perk” may in certain instances seem complicated but it does offer significant value. Because of this factor, it has been recommended that the award routing rules of the ANA are maximized for booking available seating.

Traditional VS Non-Airline Searches

Various researches indicate that there are more than 30 SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest) transfer partners, which exceeds those of Amex Membership Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards. You are able to earn Chase Points by balancing your airline programs on a 1-for-1 transfer ratio.

The loyalty program introduced by Marriott’s in August this year has and is still being subjected to changes. At present, you can earn ANA miles with a transfer of your American Express Points at a ratio of 1,000:333 ratio, with the Chase Ultimate Rewards listed at a rate of 1,000-to-1,000. Both programs will continue to be partners with the new Marriott program.

The Non-Airline Alternative

Should a cheap price factor be your primary consideration, then search engines such as the popular: Expedia, Kayak, Orbitz, and Travelocity, are probably your best sources. However, be prepared for them to provide information and lowest prices similar to their competitors. However, it does provide opportunities for newcomers in the industry to out-price them!

Your preferred search technique could, therefore, be to visit one of the recognized and established sources and then direct attention towards the new and eager for business market entrants. If you’re serious about saving some dollars, your plan of action should be targeted towards making comparisons.