Should you be in the position of forgetting to include the frequent flyer number on your ticket, there are certain rules you should be aware of when you claim Delta Miles for flights already flown! Should you now have decided to claim any airline miles from previous flights it could save you some time and frustration by first reviewing the rules that apply to the primary SkyMiles program, and the business-related Delta SkyBonus.

One important criterion you must take into consideration relates to Delta SkyMiles and unlike the majority of its American competition:

  • Delta, even for SkyMiles members, does not offer you up to 12-months to make a request for a retroactive SkyMiles credit
  • The cut-off time limit is 9-months. However, the good news is that the Delta system makes it relatively convenient for you to enter a claim.

Is Your Flight Eligible for Miles?

There is a particular Delta SkyMiles redemption or request form available. Alternatively, you can submit a request for your missing miles using the Request Mileage Credit page at the Delta website.

  • Generally, if your SkyMiles number is included on your reservation, your miles will be credited within 7-days of the flight date
  • If you omitted to include your account number or the miles are not shown, you will require your SkyMiles number and ticket number from the claimed flight(s), obtainable from the receipt or boarding pass.

Requests for mileage credit on flights flown by its SkyTeam associates during a particular 9-month flight period will also be accepted as part of the allied-partners retro-crediting online facility. Therefore, should you apply for miles credit for a partner flight it should be displayed as fast as a regular Delta flight!

Non-Member Miles Credit Claims

Should you never have been a SkyMiles Member but now wish to gain credit for a previous Delta flight:

  • You will not be permitted for a full 9-months
  • You can receive credited mileage for flights within the past 30-days
  • First, enroll in the SkyMiles program and then submit your claim for the previous flight

SkyMiles and SkyBonus Advantage Programs

Similar to its major airline associates, American and United, Delta operates a specific loyalty program for their business customers, called Delta SkyBonus, from which you could be eligible for additional credit. As a SkyBonus Member wishing to apply for credit on previously flown tickets, simply use your Delta SkyMiles login and submit your request by way of the “Add Ticket” page in your SkyBonus account.

  • There is the advantage with SkyBonus of a retroactive full 12-months credit window for completed flights instead of the 9-months window
  • It must be noted that SkyBonus does not make any allowance for any retroactive credit in respect of flights purchased by your business or flown before enrolment
  • In the event of your being eligible to become a SkyBonus Member, ensure you activate it before making your next Delta trip booking!

The SkyBonus program compliments the consumer-oriented SkyMiles program. Therefore, if your business is eligible for this account, you can effectively double your miles advantage for every Delta flight by crediting to both accounts!

Making Your Retroactive Miles Claim

When making any claim it’s wise to have all the required information to hand. Your Claim Code, Certificate Code or Redemption Code is a unique combination of letters and your particular Delta SkyMiles number specific to your traveled mileage, gift or a purchase. It is a code found on the certificate, email, or e-card received by you. It is an originated code only redeemable once and should be redeemed as soon as possible.

In the event of you wishing to add SkyMiles to an existing reservation, the procedure is simple and convenient. Contact your Delta customer service representative and request that your SkyMiles number to your current ticket. This process can also be completed at the Delta ticket counter at the time of your flight check.

Keeping Track of Your Flight SkyMiles

As a Member of SkyMiles, every flight and purchase is a financial advantage for you. Whether earning miles when flying or from everyday activities, your valuable miles are useable on any Delta Air Lines flight, without any blackout dates. Keeping track of the flight miles you clock up is made easy with a basic miles calculator.

Just make a total of the points you earned on each Delta flight, Shuttle or Connection. In the event of it being a discounted flight, add the actual number of miles flown or “500”, whichever is the greater. For a Y, B or M class, found in the center of the ticket to the left of the date; multiply the number of miles you flew by 1.5 to obtain your SkyMiles result and then look forward to your reward!