Have you ever had a massage, taken a shower or been served by a butler while flying? Well, these envy-inducing experiences are only for first-class or business-class passengers.

As with any other choices you are presented with during the course of your everyday life, the first aspect you probably look at is what are the advantages and benefits? This must be the foremost question when you are considering flying Business or First Class with an airline, for example, Emirates!

A Sign of Success for Some

For an economy class passenger, boarding an aircraft is similar to getting on a bus or train:

  • Checking your seat
  • Who is sitting next to you
  • Stretching, leaning and sometimes elbowing as you try to find space in the overhead bins area

If you have ever walked through the Premium cabins on your way to the economy seating, you could perhaps have pretended to ignore the plush seating cushions and the comfortable legroom. However, in reality, you couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to experience a flight in this style!

What are the Differences Between First and Business Class?

Possibly for some of us, it could be the seating, the excellent service, and ambiance or that particular sensation of caring. All travelers of first or business class are regarded as special individuals, from the moment they sink into the First Class comfortable seat and are served with a choice beverage and a soothing hot towel, this is an experience with a difference.

If you are traveling in a Business Class seat on an A380 aircraft then you can expect your private mini bar, a small side table with extra storage room available under your extended bed. In effect, you are cocooned in your own private and self-contained space, for a relaxing journey with service par excellence. Or, a secluded working environment that is stress-free!

As you wait for take-off with this best first class airline you can stimulate your appetite by studying the versatile food and wine menu Your order will be taken and:

  • The three-course meal will be served approximately 30-minutes later
  • You are offered a choice of appetizers, main courses, and desserts
  • The food and wine selections are flexible and can change in relation to a particular regional cuisine

Flying May Not Ever be the Same Again

Returning to a previous paragraph about advantages and benefits, it raises the question of is First Class worth it or does Business Class better meet your particular needs?? Irrespective of comparing quality and value, such as with the extra legroom, excellent food and drinks, the overall remaining impression is that once you have flown First Class, any other flight will never be the same!

For some, the best-remembered part of the First or Business Class flying experience is not the obvious material benefits, but an environment that provides you with complete rest and relaxation. The usual sensations of meeting deadlines, goals, attending meetings and the rest, fade as you enjoy an atmosphere that somehow makes life seem less complicated.

The First and Business Class Flight Experience

An example of your life as a First or Business Class traveler is that your boarding the plane is by way of determined access, which takes you to the top floor of an A380 aircraft. First Class passengers are directed to their section, with a dividing curtain being immediately closed.

As a Business Class traveler, your flight experience commences as you leave your residence and enter a complimentary chauffeured car that will deliver you to the airport. Arriving at your destination and the Business Class check-in, the process is performed with fast-efficiency. You are then directed to a comfortable lounge for a breakfast buffet and Champagne selection. Airport lounge facilities today incline to be services that offer opportunities to relax and even linger, whereas in the past they were primarily regarded as ideal to waste some hours.

Business Networking Opportunities

If you are seeking networking opportunities then some travelers in the First class, Business Class might come as a surprise for you. The seating arrangements, particularly on business-class international flights, are designed to ensure privacy.

However, networking opportunities do knock for you, with a limited number of fellow-travelers, for example, when passengers are being seated and during the usual exchange of greetings when storing carry-on luggage or unwrapping blankets.

Whether your choice is First or Business Class, one factor is guaranteed, you will experience a flight that is memorably different!