At one time or another, most of us have envisaged the experience of global jet-setting in our own aircraft. However, apart from the obvious hurdle of the expense involved, there are other many and varied factors to take into account. Especially buying a personal commercial aircraft, like a Boeing for instance!

Looking For Your Personal Commercial Aircraft

In some ways the initial process of buying an aircraft is similar to that of buying a new car; sure, there is a “slight” price variation! An aircraft manufacturer such as Boeing offers a website dedicated to potential buyers, with a pricing structure in US Dollars. You can view the available options, such as a seating capacity for 240-plus or 460-plus passengers.

Again similar to a new car, you could be interested in the fuel capacity which for this purchase is of just over 38,100-gallons or just under 54,000-gallons. It depends on the aircraft you choose.

Some legal aspects and costs

Keep in mind that each flight is going to cost you in the region of over US$30,000 in fuel and landing fees, and that is on a good day. It also does not include;

  • Fees for safety inspections
  • Obtaining the certificate from aviation authorities
  • The crucial factor of maintenance

If you have to abort a flight due to weather conditions for example or make an emergency landing then you could probably add other 5000-plus dollars to that flight. On that economic note, we can look at where you can start shopping for your new or used commercial aircraft!

  • Visit the different market-places
  • Compare prices
  • Just like any other product; but usually just more expensive

What can you get for your money?

An example of what could hit your bank account is seen with you being offered your own commercial aircraft for in the region of 6-7-million dollars. For this money, you could reasonably expect an aircraft with about 50,000-plus hours on the clock

If you are determined to buy a brand new personal commercial aircraft out of the hanger, then you will probably confine your search to Boeing or Airbus. The basic model of the 737-series will set you back over 80-plus-million US-dollars.

Meeting your flight needs

If that is not big enough for your particular needs, then you can consider the 787 “Dreamliner” which begins with a price tag in the range of $230-million. However, to make a real impression on business associates and others, you could reach for one of the latest and greatest models.

To buy a Boeing 777 2019-model get attention when you arrive but be prepared to pay about $230-million-dollars for the privilege! Also remain aware that the quoted prices are the average, with various options available regarding aircraft configurations. This can include:

  • Performance and other capabilities
  • Avionics
  • Interior design and trim
  • Fuel capacity

Financing Your Personal Commercial Aircraft

Naturally, the purpose for which you are buying the aircraft could influence how you pay for it. However, spending two-hundred-million dollars is usually not just a question of raiding your piggy-bank! There are various options open to you when you buy a Boeing or Airbus, for example;

  • Outright purchase
  • Operational leasing facility

The majority of commercial aircraft are obtained by way of the latter method. In effect, it means you will be utilizing a form of a mortgage by which to gain equity of the aircraft.

Another reminder: buying your aircraft may be seen as a capital expenditure but the operational costs involved are greater.

The Wide Blue Yonder

When comparing different aircraft benefits take into account your flight intentions. In other words; where do you intend flying to? This is crucial if you intend long-range, single flights.

One decision that could prove an embarrassment is purchasing a short-range aircraft when your intention is making long-range flights!

The Second-Hand Option

There are various aircraft options, such as the purchase of a used Airbus. It is a vast and versatile market whereby you can expand your choice of aircraft to meet your particular needs and be cost-effective in the process. Unless you are determined to have that new commercial aircraft, the second-hand market is one that offers variety and value, with quality used aircraft for sale.

You will discover a variety of models in excellent condition and still with a respectable flight life. Generally, models have been shelved by their original airline owners because of fleet updating, an example being United and the replacement of Boeing 747.

Final Thoughts

When you review the jet aircraft for sale market, a question you could ask relates to the number of people in your position who are seeking to buy an aircraft of this type! The market for traditional small, private aircraft is highly popular but a personal commercial aircraft – that is another story!