As an American Airlines Frequent Flyer, you are conscious of the amount of time you have spent in the air. Also, it’s reasonable for you to believe that this wear and tear on your body and wallet should be rewarded!

All of which is leading us to you ensuring that mileage credit for flights flown is accumulated to your account.

Time and Your Miles Credits

If the alarm bells have started ringing and you have a realization regarding “my past flights”. Then you need to take some action! It’s now time to put you on the path as to how you can retroactively claim missing American miles.

Both related to the primary AAdvantage loyalty program and the Business Extra program.

Earning Your Miles

If you are a relative “Newby” in accumulating miles and points for flights and American Airlines partners’ here is some good news and a caution:

  • You are able to claim missing American miles for some specified flights taken before you join the AAdvantage
  • However, there is significantly less time to receive flight credits should you not have enrolled in the program!

Member or Not

As a Member, you have the benefit of the requesting credit for missing flights taken up to 12-months previously.

  • The airline does require a waiting period of at least 15-days following a flight before you claim missing American miles.
  • If for any reason you have omitted AAdvantage number shown on the ticket you may submit a claim immediately

Claim Missing American Miles for Flights Flown

If you wish to enter a claim for AAdvantage miles in respect of flights you have flown, you can contact American Airlines via their website. Submit your ticket(s) information on the “Request flight miles” form. But you will need your flight and ticket numbers. They are generally found on your receipt or American Airlines boarding pass.

  • You are able to submit a maximum of four missing flights for credit at one time.
  • A companion who flew with you can also be included
  • Companion Miles will be credited to their own AAdvantage account
  • Oneworld partner airline flights can also be credited to AAdvantage using the same form (if they have not already been credited elsewhere)
  • Should you not already have become an AAdvantage program Member, then you will have a 30-days limit following your flight to make American Airlines contact, register and request your miles!
  • Become a Member of the AAdvantage program on American’s website
  • Utilize the “Request flight miles” page to request mileage credit

The Business Extra Account

Similar to the American Airlines claim miles AAdvantage program. There is the benefit to retroactively credit flights to your Business Extra account. With a window of up to 12-months following your flight date. The program enables an easier and more convenient crediting of multiple flights than AAdvantage, due to your being able to submit up to 15-flights at any one time!

Simply sign-in to your Business Extra account go to the “Flight Credit Request” page and enter the ticket number and passenger details for each flight. Keep in mind that your flights pre-joining Business Extra are not eligible for retroactive American Airlines mileage credit.

However, should you be planning on crediting future flights, it’s wise to register as soon as possible to ensure you don’t miss out on any points in the future.

How to Keep Up-to-Date With Your Account

American Airlines flyers are able to access their AAdvantage account summary to view qualifying miles they have accumulated for from every past flight. You can also determine and review any aspects of the American Airlines add miles benefits!

You now have the benefit of maintaining your miles-earning records easily and conveniently with information from your previous flying experiences.

Tracking Your Flights’ Records

If you wish to determine your flight miles before the journey, then utilizing the mileage calculator provides you with the means to update your flying records.

We all have the odd memory lapse, which could include omitting your AAdvantage number when purchasing your ticket. However, you can add it during your check-in. Also, at the airport check-in counter at the airport, online or at a kiosk.

It is usual for your boarding pass to display your AAdvantage number, should it be in the system referencing for your flight. It is not an automatic process unless your number has been entered during a previous procedure.

Keep in contact with your account, and with the benefits it provides!