Your preparations for traveling with a baby depend on how organized a mum you are. Before stuffing your hold-all with baby clothing make a packing checklist to ensure you do not forget to take any necessary items.

Baby bottles and formulae you only make up shortly before leaving but include them in your checklist. When packing for your baby make sure to have the most important items conveniently available. As a top layer for when opening your luggage at your destination.

These may include nightwear, a change of clothing, an extra baby blanket, as well as additional diapers and baby wipes. For use during the flight pack a supply of diapers, baby wipes, changes of clothing an extra pacifier as well as formula and bottles!

Be Sure to Check Airline Rules

Some airlines will not allow you on board with a baby younger than seven days old. Therefore, if you are traveling with a baby check the flying with a baby rules and airline ticketing policies in advance. At the time of making your flight booking, request you are allocated bulkhead seating behind the cabin divider.

This will conveniently provide you with more legroom and space for attaching a bassinet or cradle (supplied by the airline) when the seat-belt sign is off. If you are a nursing mother, a window seat affords you more privacy, especially at baby feeding times.

Do Airline Allows to Check-In a Stroller at the Gate?

At the airport, some of the airlines permit you to take a baby buggy up to the door of the plane, while others may insist on it being checked in. Usually, strollers and car seats can be checked in for free. It is worthwhile having your infant in a baby sling (Bjorn), which leaves your hands free for carrying hand luggage and a nappy bag.

Keep in mind that international travel with a newborn does require the baby to have a passport of its own and any visa required.

An airline regulation insists that on the aircraft landing and at take-off, the baby must remain strapped to you on your lap. The cabin crew will be able to supply you with the necessary extension for your seatbelt to enable the safe harnessing of you and baby. This may also be necessary if the plane is experiencing excessive turbulence.

Don’t Miss the Early Boarding

Some airlines allow families with babies or young children to board early. It allows extra time for stowing the gear needed and, is particularly useful on long flights. When packing the items you need to have with you in the cabin during the flight, be sure to include extra sets of baby clothing and also some change of clothes for yourself.

Remember that traveling with an infant on the lap can create indigestion or vomiting at the most inconvenient times, especially when being burped!

As you don’t want to reach your destination wearing spoiled clothing, packing something to change into is worth your while.

Flight Baby Bottle Feeding

If you do not breastfeed, take more bottles than necessary in case of any flight delay. It is advisable to fill your bottles with boiled water and then add the formula at the time of feeding. The flight crew will gladly assist and warm bottles for you as required.

If you are traveling with a baby, take some toys and picture books for keeping it occupied when it’s awake. There is nothing more irritating for the other passengers than having to listen to a baby crying continuously.

Therefore, taking a pacifier or a bottle of juice along can help keep the little one quiet. It will be appreciated by you, and your fellow travelers. Another simple tip that helps the crying stop is to walk the baby up and down the aisle. The walking movement tends to soothe them.

Traveling With a Baby

Toddlers spend their waking hours rushing around as fast as their little legs will let them. It will keep you on the go watching over them. This is usually fine. However, when on a plane they can get bored very quickly and it’s a full-time job to keep them occupied.

This is particularly challenging when traveling with a baby overseas particularly during the hours they are awake.

Taking along their favorite toys to play with can help. As well as having several picture books for you to read them and hold their interest. You don’t want them running up and down aisles and annoying other passengers. Also, wear loose clothing on flights as this is far more comfortable than wearing tight clothes that restrict your movements.