Especially if you are a Frequent Flyer, you will be confronted with redeeming your accumulated points. If you believe it’s a simple process, you are correct, to a certain extent. However, like any other documented, the administrative procedure can be extremely helpful if you are prepared.

Pre-awareness can ensure you receive the maximum return for your investment; which in this case, are the Miles you have flown!

Let your Search Begin

There are various convenient airline partner options available to you if you know where to go for the best comparative value for your Miles:

  • American Airlines (North American Stakeholder)
  • British Airlines (BA)
  • Asia Miles – trading under Cathay Pacific
  • Japan Airlines and Iberia

As well as offering you great Miles value the OneWorld Alliance enables you to access more destinations, which means you have the advantage of choice regarding onboard products and the overall flight experience. This returns us to your preparation as an award flight finder when searching for Award seating.

Determine your Route

Awareness of locations and award seats are among the most challenging and important aspects of utilizing your Award flyer miles effectively. But going back to the first paragraph, lurking in the background are those influential obstructions known as “administration” and “documentation” which could help make any seemingly routine task become a “Mission Impossible” movie script.

However, upon discovering an available seat for your desired route:

  • Record the date
  • The departure time
  • Flight number

OneWorld Partnerships

There are at present 14-full Alliance members and a few affiliates with some airlines not displaying all of the valid connections available. If you decide on British Airways, book, with the Avios flight search option. Listed under the Executive Club tab on the homepage, it is a leading online search platform for OneWorld Award flights, designed to show the Award seats available on every Alliance carrier.

The value to you of partnership awareness is shown by this example if utilizing American generated miles:

  • Contact AAdvantage and ask for a booking on a Finnair flight using your AA-Miles
  • Provide the agent with the available flight date, and number you found on a OneWorld partner
  • The agent should be able to view the same Award Seating information and will quote you the number of miles needed according to the AAdvantage partnership award chart.

Choosing an Airlines Platform

Considered as being among the easiest of search platforms, American Airlines also offers various shortcomings concerning search-related partners. On the positive side, you can access the American Airlines site for space without creating an account with results filtering also made easy.

When you are considering any form of provider apart of your criteria is determining which one best meets your demands. This applies to the airline searches you make when you chase points for their best redemption value.

  • Qantas provides a monthly calendar, with searches across a high variety of partners
  • You are able to search by service class
  • However, an account is required to search their site
  • Search award seats (known as Classic Flight Rewards) on the homepage

Far East Airlines

This airline boasts a variety of prestigious awards. They include the Mixed-carrier Award, associated with one-way or round-trips awards tickets with Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon-plus, and one other AsiaMiles airline partner.

Mixed-carrier Awards are not applicable to Upgrade Awards and Companion Ticket Awards, but one-way redemption was made available from 1 November 2018.

Cathay Pacific award availability is a useful option for seating searches, but not all award transactions are conducted directly by way of the airlines. As an example, PhoenixMiles is a Frequent Flyer program promoted by Air China-related carriers that include:

  • Air China, Shandong Airlines
  • Shenzhen Airlines
  • Tibet Airlines and Dalian Airlines

You are given the ability to redeem mileage from a wide variety of partners, for award flights, upgrades, products from an online store. You can also earn mileage when you fly with Air China and related carriers, as well as any of their airline partners. Alternatively, you may purchase various services from non-airline partners.

The Nexus Search Difference

This is a quality award search engine designed for routes related to:

  • First-class
  • Business class
  • Complex route flight mileage awards

A single key-click enables your searching of multiple airline sites, a wide and varied range of destinations or a full calendar of travel schedules. Besides, advanced website technology automatically filters a considerable number of available and best flight options for you!