The Avianca LifeMiles promotion “buy miles” – increased out up to 125% until September 30. As a result, the previous number of miles per year estimated at 150,000 has been increased to 337,500 miles, including miles that are sold in 1,000-mile gains.

Avianca LifeMiles Promotion Details

The available number of bonus miles that can be earned depends on the number of miles you’re going to purchase:

  • from 2,000 to 50,000 miles net double miles
  • from 51,000 to 100,000 miles a 115% bonus
  • from 101,000 to 150,000 miles – the full 125% boost is returned

There’s the opportunity to max out the promotion by purchasing 150,000 miles and gain an additional 187,500-mile bonus for a 337,500-mile total – for $4,950 only. That’s enough for two return trips to Los Angeles from Sydney in Business class with United Airlines, Air Canada, and other Star Alliance partners.

The promotion is only available for members whose accounts have been created prior to the promotion beginning.

A Few Things To Remember

It’s important to purchase miles before September 30. However, members will be able to redeem them for flight after the deadline as well.

Despite the fact that Avianca doesn’t operate flights to Australia, passengers still can buy miles through LifeMiles promotion. Avianca Lifemiles is a Star Alliance family member. That’s why members might use the acquired miles towards booking flights on other alliance member airlines at a lower cost.

For instance, there’s the opportunity to book a flight in business class from Australia to London for about $3,700 return when flying with Air Canda, Asiana, United Airlines, and Air India, which are currently members of Star Alliance.

Availability First & Buy Miles Next

When it comes to booking redemption flights with Avianca LifeMiles, passengers should consider checking some important things before purchasing a ticket. It’s necessary to verify the award flight availability on the chosen travel dates and routes instead of immediately redeeming your miles.

And again: don’t forget to make sure there’s the opportunity to redeem award miles to the preferred destination and at a suitable time. When you’ve succeeded in founding the most appropriate variant, it’s high time to purchase miles.

LifeMiles Booking Perks

The most notable advantage of Avianca for frequent flyers is that fuel surcharges, that used to cost hundreds of dollars when booking international flights, are completely absent for all LifeMiles award tickets and program members.

If you consider flying with Avianca or other Star Alliance partner airlines, you’ll not be obliged to pay for the airline’s fuel surcharges.

However, there’s a $25-redemption fee included in the LifeMiles program. Thus, if it’s possible – it’s better to book a return trip instead of booking two one-way fares. In this case, it will be possible to avoid double payment of the fee.

LifeMiles Booking Quirk

Keep in mind that the maximum time you’re allowed to spend in transit is about eight hours. Otherwise, you’ll have to purchase separate tickets.

If this time isn’t enough for you – it’s necessary to make two bookings. For example, from Sydney to Bangkok and then another booking to London from Bangkok. Note that it will charge you two sets of ‘redemption fees’ to pay as well.