The meaning attached to “disruptive passenger behavior” in the context of being onboard an aircraft can be ambiguous. A disruption can be a passenger talking loudly during a movie, a baby crying or something significantly more serious, such as religious conflicts on a plane.

They also have the potential to become unruly and even violent. In addition, it could create a possibility of safety issues for all other passengers and personnel onboard. Adding to this is they can prove costly to the airline. As a result, the airline will inform of in-flight emergency and will divert for an unscheduled landing.

Aggravating Circumstances

It is well recorded that human behavior is influenced by various circumstances, for example, religious conflicts. Also, a variety of other causes, amongst which are:

  • Stress associated with travel
  • Commonly, alcohol

They all have the potential to influence the instigating of religion incidents.

Various researches have revealed that the majority of airline passengers are traveling for holiday or business reasons. For the former, they can experience that particular happy-holiday mood whilst the business-person is stressed, tired and seeks the solace of alcohol. In effect, it’s an environment in which religious discrimination strikes.

How to Distance From Religious Conflicts on a Plane

Most airline passengers are able to cope with various reported incidents related to flying. However, this can change when they become under the influence of:

  • Undue mental stress factors
  • Bodily intake influences
  • Including alcohol, and medication
  • Being denied them

It can be the trigger that induces a reaction to a perceived slight or insult such as racial discrimination. As a result, it now becomes a situation which can become volatile!

The airline alliances, like Star Alliance, Oneworld, and its associated industries have proven to be resilient to adversity and to a great extent. “9-11” will never be forgotten and it is to be expected that religious conflicts on a plane wouldn’t be experienced. For passenger safety-enhanced security is to be expected but how will passengers react in times of stress-related situations onboard!

How to Behave in Such Situations

There have been suggestions from some that airlines should again permit smoking in aircraft. Other proposals have included more spacious seating with increased leg-room and wider aisles. However, it would seem that the airlines that have the required statistics on hand also have the capacity for countering these passenger behavior issues. Among these counter-measures is the ability o cater for passengers with different religious affiliations.

Events in relatively recent years have changed the whole concept of air-travel. The global chaos influenced by religious affiliation is a factor that affects many lives, including when we are in the air. There are various factors that contribute to seemingly irrational behavior apart from substances or alcohol, amongst which are personal beliefs.

The Root of a Conflict

The Airline Bill of Rights offers empowerment to limit the amount of alcohol consumed onboard an aircraft by passengers. Some airlines are putting this into practice! It could positively translate into an effort to mediate religious accommodation that for many passengers of different faiths can pose an issue. In addition, boarding an aircraft is denied to a passenger under the influence of alcohol upon their arrival at the gate.

However, we should understand that the problems and issues in the air are similar to those we experience every day of our lives on the ground. The difference; they may occur at over 35,000 feet, within a confined airspace. Adding to this is that they could cost about 300-passengers their lives and the perspective changes dramatically.

Religious Terror

The surveillance has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Whilst for some it could prove to be seemingly an intrusion, or an invasion of their privacy; it is an element that has in many instances, proven successful in providing protection, in the prevention of criminal acts and beyond.

As far as cameras installed on aircraft for the purpose of recording the complete flight and the religious conflicts on a plane. It is reasonable to presume the reducing of incidence factor. No doubt various passengers inclined to approach Airline Consumer Complaints. With appropriate objections but surely the end justifies the means in this instance!

As a result, terror is today a well-known fact that can make its appearance in various forms and places. We have become suspicious of various aspects associated with countries and people. Including those flying as Arab or various foreign passengers. It is a disease that affects us all.