For any traveler, arguably a foremost consideration relates to economic benefits, which includes utilizing resources that will give you the best value for your money. In this case, it can easily take us to the best ways of flying to Paris with points and miles!

Following this track to Paris, it’s only natural we should start with a French airline influence like Air France, a 50-percent member of the SkyTeam association. It is an established option for travelers when booking flights influenced by awards programs such as the Delta Airlines program.

Your First Class Award Option

If you are determined to make this travel experience a particularly special one, to the extent of flying first-class then your booking will probably be concentrated on Air France. This is assisted by Delta not offering first-class cabin facilities. However, to even be eligible for a first class award booking, you should already have earned Silver, Gold, or Platinum elite status.

Some advice on this one; ensure you check out the Air France and KLM’s monthly promo awards and other great ways to redeem Flying Blue miles.

Calculating Values of Points and Miles

When making comparisons between the values of various credit cards and loyalty programs, you will see significant differences between point’s values. You, therefore, need to determine the credit card(s) which offer true value and the redemptions which give a true value for your money!

No Foreign Transaction Fees when Using Credit Cards

It is a financial fact that many debit and credit cards impose foreign transaction fees, which may not seem significant at first. However, when you total those extra dollars you could be in for a surprise! Even to the extent of erasing the value of any points or miles you may have earned during your travels.

A basic calculation could show by utilizing a Lufthansa Premier Miles and a Master-card fee-free in Europe, you could be saving cash. This may be enhanced by traveling later into the summer. Further gains could have been achieved by taking the benefits offered by providers reducing foreign transaction fees. It shows that reading these seemingly boring financial messages can and do in fact have a payoff!

Learn to Calculate Point and Mile Values

It may seem a daunting task when first considering the wide and varied range of credit cards and loyalty programs that are available and seriously promoted. However, as your review delves deeper into the substance of a card, you will begin to expose the sometimes significant differences in the values, and difference of the respective card points and miles. For instance, you might need 60,000 points to book a flight using one program, but only 25,000 miles with another.

Before establishing the true all-around value of a card being offered, and which redemptions would genuinely benefit you, a working knowledge must be gained on how to calculate the value of points and miles. Although there is not a perfect method of calculation, there are basic methods that provide a reasonably accurate starting point.

Region-Based Awards

Many of the airline loyalty programs originate from a regional award chart, irrespective of your home booking airport in the United States, with the miles needed for booking an award is the same. The booking process is also dictated by:

  • Conducting an Awards search
  • Finding award space that meets your demands
  • Completing the booking online

Unusual Booking Requirements

Should you not possess the Flying Blue miles needed for claiming rewards from Air France and KLM you may be fortunate in arranging for an award ticket to be held on your behalf for a short time period! However, what are the usual booking requirements needed for a round-trip?

  • Mileage
  • The taxes and fees due when booking a flight with the Flying Blue Program
  • Round-trip flights operated by Delta but originating in the USA are not subject to fuel surcharges
  • This generally succeeds in keeping out-of-pocket-expenses under $200 for the economy and business class award tickets
  • Keep in mind, however, that booking an Award flight from Paris to a city in the USA, even one operated by Delta Airlines will include a surcharge related to fuel
  • Certain European flights will also incur significant fuel surcharges on itineraries originating in either the USA or Paris

Ongoing Comparisons

Making comparisons involves some significant research, from experienced travelers who have experienced the actual journeys. For example; flying first-class one-way and returning via economy-class. This helped save time and utilized our cash to the full. For the redemption process, with Amex points redeemed into Delta SkyMiles. If this journey had been paid for with points, or miles the cost would have been 120K to 320K-point’s per-individual.