For many travelers information related to advantages and benefits that are available to them can either be unknown or not utilized to its full extent. This can specifically refer to you being able to frequently save money and be further rewarded, such as by gaining access to an airport lounge upon arrival by way of a credit card!

These are the best ways to get into an airport lounge!

How Credit Cards Offer New Advantages and Benefits

One decision to be made is selecting the card which meets your particular requirements, for instance, the best credit card for airport lounges!

The Chase Sapphire Reserve Card is currently seen as being amongst the most popular travel credit cards available. To help support this claim, it’s recognized as being the flagship credit card of the “Chase’s Ultimate Rewards” program, particularly for citizens of the USA.

Another option is the well established American Express service that offers flexibility with its flagship Platinum Charge Card. Adding to this is an available “Select membership” as well as access to the lounges that make up the exclusive American Express Global Lounge Collection, among others.

Convenient Comfort and Flexibility

In practice, the majority of carriers in the USA offer co-branded credit cards including separate membership to its airport lounges. Also, some will provide access to the different networks of independent participating lounges or which are operated by different carriers! Accordingly, the question of how much does it cost to get into an airport lounge is influenced by a variety of factors, including your requirements.

When the ground-breaking Admirals Club at LaGuardia Airport was opened in 1939, membership of this innovative service was by invitation only, which was in place for nearly three decades. Progress, competition, and customer demands have influenced changes to the extent that today airport lounges have become an integral part of airline travel and are significantly more accessible. However, all lounges are not created quality-equal, which can influence the question, is food and drink free as well as amenities, services, and regulations for entry.

Accessing the Lounge of Your Choice

As with most frequent flyer reward programs involving booking flights with miles and point’s status play a role in the benefits available to you. Similarly, the upper top end of the airline lounges market is reserved for the airline traveling elite.

However, the services available to you include:

  • Relaxed seating areas
  • “Napping” facilities
  • Shower rooms
  • Clothing valet service
  • Complete restaurant and magnificent bar, with exceptional airport views

Meeting Your Needs

Although standards and facilities vary between lounges they do strive and generally meet the overall needs of their patrons. The majority of travelers accept the related values and benefits offered by this service and view it as a temporary travel break and refuge that is:

  • Comfortable and peaceful
  • Recharge electronic devices
  • Have a light snack and/or drink

Even if a particular lounge is not plush with the bells and whistles, they do offer a valuable and welcoming service which is significantly better than spending time in the terminal. Immediate and general needs are catered for, and you are not subjected to intrusive announcements.

Your Pass to a Relaxing Experience

If you presently do not have access to a lounge, then you need to consider the type of pass that best compliments your traveling needs, such as a premium credit card, or you could benefit from one that also provides various incentives.

Utilizing an American Express Platinum card offers you significant benefits and travel credits, as well as access to the Delta Sky Club and many other airport lounges.

Infrequent or Unaware Travelers

Various other premium credit cards, such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve and Citi Prestige cards also provide a complimentary Priority Pass Select membership. Credit cards of the major airlines permit you spending on everyday purchases.

With most established airports offering day passes to multiple lounges, it is generally possible to pay for access into most of them. Various researches show that a highly significant number of travelers do not have a means of access to airport lounges via an elite airline status or with a credit card benefit.

Traveler Priorities

For travelers who visit an airport lounge at least once a month and those who book award flights, a Priority Pass membership can provide access to more than 1,200 lounges globally. Within the United States, most associated lounges are independent with relatively few airline lounges participating. This does not include Alaska Airlines and the Virgin Atlantic clubs.

With a wide selection of lounges throughout the airport, irrespective of the airline you’re using you are assured of receiving a relaxing break in your journey.