Some of the differing rules for the MileagePlus consumer program and it’s PerksPlus business program you should know about when requesting miles!

The United Airlines MileagePlus program has a lot to offer you as a Frequent Flyer, to the extent of having a record of consistency in being voted the “Best Frequent Flyer Program” by the Global Traveler magazine. The inherent advantages and benefits offered by “The Perks” can significantly help you:

  • Save financially
  • Eliminate your travel frustration levels

Not to be ignored is the foremost membership feature of the program which is the prestige associated with being treated like a V.I.P. A primary advantage of the United Airlines MileagePlus Program is its professional service-oriented versatility. When you claim United Miles it never fails to amaze with the available range of perks included in the rewards offered to members.

Expanding Your Earning Horizon

As a Member of the United Rewards program, you will want to take full advantage of the many and varied Miles earning opportunities available to you. Unlike most of its competitors, you are not restricted to earning reward points just from airfares! You can earn MileagePlus redemption from:

  • Hotel bookings
  • Vehicle rentals
  • When using the railway services
  • Cruises
  • When booking flights with partner airlines

However, this program takes your earning potential even further, by providing the opportunity for you to earn points from your everyday lifestyle and which are not associated with travel.

Earning Partners

United has established partnerships with various providers in advantageous industries designed to maximize your earning potential. You are able to earn points from:

  • Purchases using your credit card
  • Restaurant dining
  • Various retail outlets
  • Household items

From the first time, you use your MileagePlus login you gain the status and become eligible for all the privileges that form part of this unique loyalty program. It recognized as being the one in this industry that allows you to earn free flights, even during your normal everyday living.

Using Your Earned Miles Made Easy

Reward programs can produce a negative side after you have accumulated your points; generally when it comes down to provisos regarding using them! However, the “United” program makes this part of your Rewards earning experience, easy. In addition, it’s your decision as to how simple or advanced you want to be when using your earned Miles calculator to plan your desired travel experience.

Keeping their promise of versatility, United ensure that their Members:

  • Are not limited to packages designed on the principle of one-size fitting all
  • Will meet your needs when you apply for your rewards
  • Members have the flexibility to select the type of award service class you want
  • Importantly, all United awards are offered on a one-way basis
  • You can conveniently maximize your full Reward Miles potential by different service class bookings for each direction

Providing you with a registered number as a MileagePlus member you can submit claims for missing mileage up to 12-months following the flight.

Making the Essential Difference

Pre-empting customer needs and desires are an integral part of any service-oriented program. United have directed considerable attention towards how and why their average Loyalty Rewards Member prefers to utilize their rewards points, including the introduction of two award classes into its loyalty program.

Saver Awards are usable to any destination where “United” and its partner airlines provide a service. Alternatively, members are given the option of utilizing the Standard Awards class for travel to their destinations.

As a MileagePlus Premier Member and one eligible for a United MileagePlus Chase card, you can have the advantage of booking Standard Awards, without seating limitations, on flights with United and United Express. This facility grants you unrestricted access to a Standard Award seat even the last available seat on the aircraft. It is a designed perk to further impress members how this airline truly values their loyalty and recognized status.

Choose Your Comfort Zone

Flexibility is an integral part of this Miles Rewards program that succeeds in helping make many of the usual travel disappear. It is seen in your having the capability of relaxing in one of the comfortable and prestigious airline lounges, following a long journey.

As a valued program Member you are able to add MileagePlus to an existing reservation, which can be in itself a rewarding travel experience. How you can enjoy and relax in an environment that is a comfortable cabin. The MileagePlus program offers you the opportunity of flight luxury whenever you want to upgrade your seating.

If you are a Frequent Flyer seeking a comfortable and rewarding travel experience, then the United program is one that offers you a travel experience like no other!