When you intend booking a flight, especially related to Europe, it’s natural to consider Lufthansa as a first option. This is contributed to by the airline having long been regarded as a leader in European flight itinerates. Furthermore, it’s convenient and easy to search for and book Lufthansa Award flights. Just check out the following tips for the best ways to fly there.

You may be wondering about competitive offers from other airlines but keep this in mind. Despite increased marketing and promotions from other carriers, such as those in Asia and the Middle East, Lufthansa continues to excel with their First Class service product. However, that accepted and put aside, as a frequent flyer you will also be concerned about Lufthansa First Class award flights and ticket options.

Meeting Your Great Expectations

As a discerning frequent flyer, you have pre-determined criteria regarding your flight expectations, and you want to be assured that you will receive a highly efficient and effective service experience, designed to meet your particular demands. This includes associated administrative procedures associated with Award booking agencies.

The official Frequent Flyer Awards program for Lufthansa is Miles & More. Among the advantage and benefits available to you are a variety of options for you to earn points, which include:

  • Free award flights
  • Cabin upgrades
  • Car rentals
  • Hotel bookings

Due to the various partnerships, there is a positive effect for customers by making it convenient and easy for you to earn points. You can book Lufthansa using Citi/Chase/Amex/Starwood points by way of its official website. It is also worth the thought that as a Miles & More member you are part of an international Awards program boasting more than 25 million members.

A Customer-Friendly Leading Awards Program

It originated as a dedicated Lufthansa program and has now achieved the status of a primary rewards program for 13-European airlines that include:

  • Austrian Airlines
  • Croatia Airlines
  • Swiss Air
  • Brussels Airlines
  • LOT Polish Airlines
  • Luxair
  • Luxembourg

When you are ready to redeem the points, you have accrued by way of this program, and book award flights you will need to go on the official Lufthansa website to do so. Factors to be taken into account is the taxes and fees associated with various Miles & More awards bookings.

Redeeming Your Accumulated Mileage Points

There is a relatively wide variety of means for redeeming your Mileage Points, including the benefits of being able to book flight awards with all the Star Alliance airline partners and other Miles & More airline partners.

A minimum of 7,000-miles must show in your Miles & More account to enable a search for seating availability awards online. The easy process continues by:

  • Visiting the Miles & More website segment
  • Log-in to account
  • Select your preferred travel dates and route
  • Choose the “Business” class service
  • Select your required flight

Features Of Award Bookings

Award seating availability for all associated Miles & More airlines will be displayed; therefore, ensure you select a Lufthansa flight. To be noted:

  • Applicable fees are less if you book a flight from Europe to the USA instead of the reverse
  • If your booking is a round-trip journey, determine whether 2-one-way-bookings are less than a round-trip booking

Comparing Your Comfort Options

To prepare for your full Lufthansa flight experience, whether traveling for business or leisure purposes, visit the Business Class lounge. Offering buffet dining and a wide variety of beverage options, it is the ideal prelude to the excellent flight ahead.

Within the welcoming Lufthansa Business Class cabin, the comfortable center seating offers you direct aisle access. This environment is enhanced by all seats having the capacity to lie prone, ensuring you can enjoy a restful sleep during a long-haul international flight.

Comfortable Flying and Bargain Offers

Lufthansa combined with Miles & More offers you an established and proven formula for luxury-comfort flying. It provides for excellent lounge facilities, superb dining selection, and welcoming shower facilities. With a rewards program providing a customer-designed advantage, frequent flyers are assured of amenities and service, the trademark of this highly respected airline.

There are various and innovative factors that make this Frequent Flyer Rewards program customer driven. Apart from excellent service and well-structured Awards incentives, you can benefit from some extraordinary Miles & More awards, using miles and points as well as discount economy awards for only 30,000 miles.

With exceptional stopover and open-jaw policies for round-trip awards, your flying experiences not only give you greater pleasure but can also offer money saving opportunities during your traveling. You have a variety of options available for utilizing your accrued points and miles. They are supported by an acclaimed worldwide airline continuously striving to attain new levels of service excellence!