If you did use the ”Delta 20-minutes bag guarantee” you will already know that should a checked bag not arrive at the carousel in 20 minutes or less, after the arrival of any domestic flight, you are eligible to benefit from 2,500 bonus miles! However, how does the delayed baggage compensation program work, and what, if any, are the conditions applied?

Overview of the Delta Bags On-Time advantage

The airline passenger marketplace is a highly competitive one. The respective participants’ jockey and jostle with new and improvised concepts designed to attract more travelers and at the same time offer greater flying conveniences and benefits. It is an area in which one airline has decided to push forward with an original and innovative passenger advantage: the Delta delayed baggage compensation.

It is directed towards a baggage claim guarantee that enables eligible passengers to receive 2,500-bonus-miles. Should your checked bag NOT ARRIVE at the carousel within 20-minutes of any determined domestic flight arrival, you are likely to receive this compensatory bonus!

To qualify the 20-minutes arrival time referred to, it is defined as:

  • The “elapsed time” between the aircraft door being opened and delivery of luggage onto the “claim belt”
  • It is a program limited to paid tickets for published fares
  • You will not be eligible if you’re traveling with an employee pass or an employee of another airline, flying at a discounted Delta price
  • The promotion is only valid for domestic flights within the USA and Puerto Rico

Your Need-to-Know Bonus Miles Advantage

As with the gaining of any other traveler benefits, it is always wise to be aware of the terms and conditions related to the program. The Delta delayed baggage compensation advantage is eligible for passengers flying on a code-share flight, with the requirement of the final leg of the journey being marketed and operated by Delta or an associated carrier.

It is also important to note that your SkyMiles number must be included at the time of reservation for you to be eligible for this compensation. Failure to adhere to this will result in you forfeiting being able to submit a Delta late baggage check claim!

Claiming your Bonus Miles

For more detailed information you can visit their website. In general, it is stipulated that processing claims for the late baggage check bonus miles can take about 2-weeks. Your claim period is supported by a period of up to 3-days being granted from your flight arrival for the submission of your claim.

This can be seen as a type of compensation that will not be utilized to a great extent, because of the inherent efficiency of the airline. However, it is a potential benefit that is available and taking advantage of it if and when the opportunity arises is a worthwhile traveling bonus!

Is All Luggage Eligible for Delayed Compensation?

Eligibility is always a reasonable type of question to be asked and in this instance.

  • Oversized and overweight baggage is not eligible for this program,
  • Special items are also not eligible.

The determined high-level categories for special items include:

  • Fragile and bulky items
  • Imported merchandise
  • Children’s and Infant’s items
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Musical instruments
  • Perishables and Sports equipment
  • Personal wheelchairs, amongst others.

Applied Criteria For Late Baggage Check Compensation

Again, as with any other incentive programs, there are certain criteria applied when receiving your baggage refund advantage, with the first being that you must be a SkyMiles member before the flight. In addition, your SkyMiles number must be included in your ticket reservation. This is a convenient and free procedure; therefore ensure you signup before booking your next Delta flight!

As this program is directed towards domestic flights only and any potential claim must be reported by the registered applicant directly. Although in theory, Delta could technically and quickly determine if your luggage was delayed for 20-minutes it can be seen as important to customer relations that they become directly involved with you.

A Passenger-Friendly Designed Bonus Miles Advantage

During the past years, the airline industry has to a great extent been reaping the benefits associated with fees from checked bags; to the tune of an extraordinary more than $4- billion just in 2016.

Delta airline has entered into this arena of operations with a refreshing and passenger-friendly program. The innovative Delta baggage delivery service offers passengers compensation for delayed luggage, in the form of 2,500 Bonus Miles.

They are aware that for many travelers, checking luggage can add stress to an already challenging travel experience.

Today, your luggage has a determined arrival guarantee, which if not adhered to, provides you with a worthwhile and financially viable advantage! It is one that adds that little bit extra to your flight security!