In the real world, things have a habit of going wrong, usually at the wrong times! If you are traveling as an airline passenger, then the chances of a mishap could be greater. In addition, lost luggage when on holiday could be one of the worst travel scenario, especially when landing in a foreign country.

However, it does not necessarily mean the end of your vacation. This is the future possibilities for some great storytelling when you return home! So, let our lost luggage adventure begin.

Lost Luggage Prevention is Better Than a Cure

Obviously, the best preventative cure for lost luggage is to keep it with you. But it’s generally impossible on a long-distance flight, for instance, your vacation.

Generally, airlines permit two bags as carry-on luggage. This also includes a daypack bag – the airline will define it as a purse or tote bag. Then:

  • Ensure you labeled the luggage on the outside

  • Check labels on the inside

  • Take a photo of your luggage before you fly

My Baggage Lost! The First Steps

You are waiting expectantly at your vacation destination airport for your precious belongings to appear on the carousel and they don’t! Then the realization sets in that you are now alone in probably unfamiliar territory without your precious support items.

One thing to keep in mind is; do not panic! However, after the initial panic has subsided, the first question is usually “What to do?”

The answer is easy;

  • Immediately seek a nearby baggage office or information window

  • Report the issue

  • Usually, this office is relatively close-by

  • Remain positive

It is possible that your luggage may only be delayed and will arrive on another flight. And furthermore, you have baggage insurance, don’t you? So, hand over your baggage stubs to the lost luggage official and wait for their advice.

Travel Learning and Statistics

Keep in mind that this is a future story to tell family and friends. They will be in awe of how you handled this crisis. Sooner or later, it may happen. Therefore, stay cool and treat it as a travel learning curve.

The airport official will attempt to track your luggage from the baggage stubs. Should it not be on another flight, further inquiries will be made to trace it.

If you are wondering what the chances are of getting your luggage back, there are various lost luggage statistics available. An organization associated with the World Tracer System for baggage, recorded that lost or mishandled pieces of luggage translated into 7.3 pieces per 1,000 passengers.

The Standard Forms to Complete

You will naturally be requested to complete various forms, which will include:

  • A claim form

  • Supply relevant personal information

  • Luggage description

  • Contact details during the next few days

  • Identify your luggage with a picture

What if My Luggage Completely Lost?

Should the airline recover your luggage, they will deliver it to you. Otherwise, they will attempt to replace your luggage with the best possible match. For now, it’s now safe to assume your luggage may be officially classified as being lost.

With a declaration from the airline, it is now time for the “real fun” to begin. You are entitled to be recompensed for the contents, the terms of which vary according to the airline policy limitations and reimbursement amounts.

Determine whether you will be compensated if you now purchase replacement items from your lost luggage now, while you are traveling. These can include:

  • Clothes

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Various emergency (must have) items

The Final Words

All and every airline traveler should be aware! Before your holiday started it is critical that the buck for lost luggage starts and stops with you! There are various and reliable products, designed to help you monitor your luggage while in transit.

Achieve this by keeping your luggage safe, even to the extent of investing in efficient and effective GPS technology. It provides you with even more fun because its user-friendly application will allow you to pass the journey checking on your luggage in real time!