If you have already made your holiday plans, and ready to book with miles then you can enhance your trip with the Best Western Rewards & Loyalty program. At the same time, you can add to the experience with:

  • Available and convenient travel facilities.
  • Accumulate your points faster.
  • Free hotel stays.
  • Designer merchandise, and a lot more.

Financial Planning: Convenience and Comfort

We all want our journey to be efficient, well organized and relatively economically budgeted. However, for that to happen, there are various aspects over which you can exercise some control. For example:

  • A credit card that offers you last minutes award.
  • It is worth conducting some onsite research on your own accord, such as updating your information and possibly being helped from a different perspective.
  • Negotiate your travel arrangements with qualified industry professionals, able to help determine your specific needs.

Credit Card Advantages

As a regular frequent flyer when using Citi/Chase/Amex/Starwood points you are granted access to a facility that is not only convenient but also one that offers you lucrative financial returns, including making hotel reservations.

  • It is a protective feature designed by Best Western, which enables a search by segment.
  • Guarantees the booking date for your hotel or motel room is valid until your specified arrival date.
  • Charges will not be made against your credit card until your arrival.
  • Terms related to prepayment, deposit, and cancellation requirements are readily displayed during the online booking confirmation process.

Working For You

The best system for you is the one that best suits your lifestyle and financial position. This can include a variety of influences when booking; for example, search award space availability and credit card utilization. We all want the best value for our money, especially any savings on our cards.

When booking with miles there is a certain sensation of achievement. Perhaps it relates to them being seen as valuable, well earned and a good investment. Many frequent flyers have collected their earned points over a significant time period, only to find certain programs have already expired.

Getting Value on Your Credit Card Points Rewards

Although there is a wide and varied range of Credit Card Rewards Programs offered by financial providers, there is at the same time a large volume of credit cards on offer to an ever-increasing number of demanding consumers.
Therefore, it can be challenging to decide which of the offers best meets your demands. Also, which of the Credit Card rates, advantages and services provide the highest value for the money you spend each month.

Airline Rewards and Miles

Your rewards services are available in the form of points or airline miles and are redeemable with welcoming flexibility. In addition, they may even be used utilized for deposits in the form of cash or credit towards your statement.

When you are rewarded for your spending, you are informed as to the percentage rate to be charged according to that specific card program.

Transferring Flexible Points to Airline Partners

The types of rewards offered are designed towards a particular credit card, including transferring flexible points to airline partners. This means that the award denomination will be either Points or Miles, with the value of each being primarily determined by how you earned and redeemed your reward.

In certain cases, you will discover that some credit cards are associated with corporate partners. Utilizing branded credit cards, you can earn additional points when shopping at those outlets in preference to others.