All the agencies who have been creating their own brochures know how important are these small pamphlets for their business. Each of these small pamphlets contains all the details concerning a destination, hotel, service, or tour with the intention of their business promotion. It can be a very effective marketing tool as many people often leaf through regular travel brochures, sitting in a travel agency or an airport hall, and use these pamphlets when planning vacations or a holiday.

As a travel brochure is an important gear of business mechanism, it’s essential to be sure to include all the necessary information in it and arrange it properly.

What to Include in a Travel Brochure?

1. A qualitative cover

A cover is the first thing that people see, and it needs to attract prospective customers’ attention at once. For achieving this goal, a cover should immediately answer three essential questions: Who is advertising? Where are you located? And – What are you selling?
A cover needs to look simple and visually compelling.

2. Benefit Description

You need to tell your customers why they should choose exactly the product you’re offering. Use a personal approach and create a specific message to the audience. This way, you will assure them that your offer is the best choice for them and let them know what exactly differentiates you from the competition.

3. Product Explanation

It’s important to describe all the facilities and include attractive pictures, information about special services, promotions, and events. Also, you need to know what kind of targeted audience you have and select the appropriate, relevant topics. One of the most illustrative travel brochure examples is offering the best honeymoon destinations for newly-weds, or family vacation resorts for parents and their kids.

4. Geographic Details

Mention the address, contact information, and a map to help people find you. Also, include comprehensive explanations and directions on how to get to your place.

5. Attractive Images

As photos are an essential part of a travel brochure, it’s necessary to pay particular attention to selecting the right pictures that will draw a reader in. People want to understand where they are going, just looking at a brochure. That’s why you need to use only high-quality professional photos that best demonstrate your product. Be careful not to mislead people by including old pictures or photos that aren’t related to your offer.

Just for the record, pictures are especially important in case if your travel brochure is specifically targeted at children.

How to Make a Travel Brochure for Kids?

The thing is that many travel agencies underestimate kids’ influence on their parents’ choices. Of course, only parents make the ultimate decision when preparing and choosing destinations for traveling with a kid. But despite the fact that children aren’t responsible for vacation expenses, they often have a great impact on the way their parents spend the money.

With this in mind, travel brochures designed for kids could become an excellent marketing tool. Nevertheless, they should be made as carefully and appropriately as they are being created for adults.

If you are ready to make a special travel brochure for kids, you’re invited to consider these three useful tips for getting a fantastic pamphlet:

  1. First of all, you need to choose a template for your travel brochure. Fortunately, it can be easily done with the help of the Microsoft Office template archive and our beloved Internet. You’re able to find a lot of different examples there and download them for free. After choosing the most appropriate template, you’re welcome to customize it and make it look unique.
  2. It’s essential to remember that this travel brochure is going to be designed for kids. As children are typically short on attention and time, use more pictures and fewer words. The goal is to capture their attention using attractive images or a catchy title. When choosing photos, ensure there are children in them. This way, the bottom line of the brochure will be clear as for kids, as for their parents.
  3. Add a special surprise for children inside the brochure. Let it be a game, a word search puzzle, or a small quiz, including words related to vacations. This step will let children feel they are indeed engaged in the trip and get some travel experience before the journey.

And finally, when your travel brochure is ready, it would be great to check how your children or familiar ones respond to the pamphlet. Do this small experiment to ensure that the brochure meets the purpose and is well-received by young customers.

Tip: in case if you don’t have enough time or design experience, you can make a travel brochure using available templates. Many people choose to make brochures on Google Docs as nowadays it is an invaluable work tool, that includes a lot of travel brochure templates. Just pick a template that fits your product and customize it as you want.

Final Thoughts

Do not forget that your brochure is one of the most significant parts of your business. Every man who takes up your brochure can be your potential customer. You have only some pages to show him that your product is his golden ticket. So, it’s definitely shouldn’t be disregarded. Make your travel brochure carefully and accurately, and you’ll immediately get an amazing result.