Of course, every traveler has different ideas, and perceptions but this review of suitcases can help you weigh up the pros and cons and find the best piece of luggage for your particular needs!

There are basically three ways of looking at buying new luggage:

  • Do you want to make a fashion statement?
  • Do you want luggage that will serve your particular purpose(s)?
  • Do you want it to be conveniently mobile?

Your Best Luggage Features

What in days gone by used to be a relatively simple quest, deciding which is the best luggage to buy today has for many of us become a mission; for some, an impossible one! The configurations involve can alone become as mind-blowing exercise. From:

  • Size, strength, and space convenience
  • Mobility (multi-directional wheels), straps, and security features
  • Retractable handles, and easily identified coloring

Luggage Handling Expertise

This may sound strange but in reality, have you ever watched the way in which some people appear to glide through the madding crowd with their suitcases with absolute ease. Meanwhile, others trundle along like proverbial bulls in the china shops, colliding with anything and everybody who crosses their path.

Now, this is a situation which calls for easily maneuverable luggage, such as that offered with wheels that can turn at 360-degrees. It is the ideal suitcase for international travel as it gives you greater control and freedom of movement in various environments.

Formal or More on the Casual Side

There are two basic luggage models, hard and soft-sided.

Traditional luggage comes in two models: hard-side and soft. The hard-sides are constructed from a variety of materials, such as polypropylene and polycarbonate, while the soft-sides may be manufactured from fabrics like leather, nylon, microfiber, among others. With the latter, you can benefit from extra available space due to the soft material bags being expandable, to the extent of an added to-25 percent.

However, for your purpose is hard or soft luggage better? Both structures are sold in a variety of sizes, shapes and you have the choice of it having or being without a supporting framework. In most instances, the Backpack type is an excellent option for the more casual traveler, like the Duffel bag.

Modern versions of this bag offer wheels or retractable handles and are known as “Travel Duffels”:

  • They may be convenient in certain travel environments
  • This bag type can place a strain on your arms or shoulders if carried for significant distances
  • For distance-related travel, it’s probably wise to concentrate on luggage that offers wheels or back straps.

Pay for Quality

When you are considering any purchase that will provide you with a service, such as the best travel luggage that can influence your travel experience. Whether choosing a hard or soft-sided suitcase, ensure you’re paying for the best quality. Keep in mind that:

  • Inferior hard-sided materials may crack or break when subjected to pressure
  • Cheaper quality soft luggage could tear

Sizing Your Luggage

Similar to deciding what type and the amount of clothing to pack, you could have an issue regarding the sizes of your luggage. As a rule of thumb, you could use for a carry-on the principle of:

  • The maximum size for a carry-on a length + width +height of 45-inches
  • Check-in luggage no larger than 62-inches, again based on length + width + height

These are standard sizes for the majority of airlines in the USA but visit the airline’s website for direct information. Remember that different airlines stipulate varying size requirements for international and domestic flights.

Personalize Your Luggage

Your luggage is personal and for the extent of your travels, it’s going to be a primary means of support. Therefore, be comfortable and familiar with it, and be able to identify it quickly and easily. Moreover, lost luggage could be the cause of frustration and despair, especially when landing in a foreign country. Apart from searching for the lightest luggage, there are various other aesthetic factors to consider.

A glaring color visual design may not appeal to your fellow travelers’ tastes or yours for that matter, but you’ll have the last laugh at the luggage carousel by identifying it fast. A convenient accessory is a detachable looped clip near the handle, which gives you the option of clipping a second bag onto the main piece and gives you a free hand.

When you’re comparing the luggage on offer, apart from the aspect of the lightest and most durable luggage also look at their different interiors and which best suits your style. Remember this will be part of your lifestyle, so be organized with pouches and belts, as well as a plastic waterproof pouch.

Choose the best luggage for your best travel experience!