The Frequent Flying communities worldwide have developed a discerning and awareness that has to a significant extent been motivated by the industry itself! Knowledge related to the many and varied aspects of being a traveler is readily available via the Internet and supported by the carriers.

The ultimate award flight finder, for seats on a SkyTeam Alliance carrier, has been designed in the interests of all travelers to enhance their overall flight experience.

Enhancing your Worldwide Travel Experience

Between them, the 28-airlines that make up the SkyTeam Alliance offer convenient and efficient connections between most worldwide destinations. The effectiveness of the association is contributed to:

  • By each member airline maintaining and promoting their presentation and diversity in the marketplace
  • This encourages robust competition and motivates each member airline to provide travelers with the highest levels of safety and customer service

Defining and Meeting your Particular Needs

When we look at the potential advantages and benefits to be gained by North American flying travelers, a generally preferred source is Flying Blue Miles (Air France/KLM), for collection and redemption. The Flying Blue loyalty program has been adopted by various SkyTeam members, including, Air France and KLM.

It is seen as having one of the most comprehensive online search tools in respect of SkyTeam award seats. However, does it meet your particular requirements? Another source to be considered for Flying Blue awards searches is the KLM site. To access it, and the award booking engine you must create a Flying Blue account!

Meeting North American Demands

In certain instances, there are programs within the alliance that are not accessible or sufficiently advantageous to meet the demands of the North American travelers.

In case you wish to conduct a Delta Award search related to a Delta-operated flight and book with the miles of a partner airline, it may be possible if they are shown on its official website as requiring the least number of miles. However, on occasions, partners can make Delta multi-segmented itineraries that are priced above the low-level Sky Miles price. Alternatively, you can submit a request claiming for your missing Delta Airlines Miles.

Connect with Korean Air SkyPass

The SkyPass Award Tool is arguably one of the most user-friendly programs in the Miles and Points industry. It enables the connection of the Korean national airline with key hubs in the:

  • United States of America
  • Europe
  • Destinations across China and Japan
  • Southeast Asia

Unlike many of its competitors that that offer programs with awards availability limitations, the Korean Miles connection provides customers with free-seating options on most flights. This service can include the highly-desired First Class cabin, as well as Business Class on the A380 aircraft and its original, stylish bar.

The Affordability Factor

This innovative airline offers the facility of being able to search for award seating online even without accumulated miles in your account. It is a service supported by travelers being able to transfer Chase Points to Korean Air instantly at the rate of one point-to-one SkyPass Mile.

A Specialized Award Search Time-Saver

Searching for award seating can occupy a significant amount of time. It is a practice in which specialized award search tools can prove their worth! The Award Nexus and the KVS Tool contribute to automating the procedure of searching, removing the tedium and saving you time.

Although these applications require purchasing and will produce precisely the same seating availability as you would with a manual search operation of the airline websites, the time-saving factor is one that for many busy travelers cannot be ignored. Last but not least is that this application takes “user-friendly” to another level of service.

Air France – Book with Miles

Air France offers a SkyTeam Awards search facility that has found popularity with the traveling fraternity.

To access the program, you are required to become a member of the Flying Blue frequent flyer program, which is free to join. This is achieved by joining and logging-in to the Air France or KLM websites and selecting “Book an award ticket”. You can use your Miles as payment for:

  • A one-way or round-trip ticket on all Air France flights
  • KLM, JOON, and HOP
  • Flights, in the: Economy or Business Cabins or Premium Economy
  • You are eligible: to the last available seat
  • Carrier surcharges and taxes cannot be paid using Miles

American Express Benefits

Although the Amex Points transfer rate is listed at a one-to-one: ratio for all determined partners, this is not applicable in the case of all parties. Adding to this is that it is not unusual for transfer bonuses to be applied that can benefit you to the extent of a further 30-percent, or more!

For you, it means potentially greater value from your points.