Some travelers may complain about cramped airline seats and security pat-downs. However, for senior travelers simply navigating an airport can be particularly challenging!

Booking and Planning

When planning your trip and making the flight booking you can if necessary, request a seat designated for disabled travelers. At the same time request a cost-free wheelchair service at every airport of origin, connection and arrival locations. If there is meal service aboard, advise the reservation system of any dietary requirements.

Although every traveler should make a plan to ensure their health, safety, acclimatization issues, and general well-being while they are away. More mature or elderly flying travelers must consider a few extra concerns they could have. If you are an elderly traveler or are acting on behalf of someone who is, then it’s wise to get some advice from your travel agent.

Health and Medical

There are various tour operators who specialize in meeting the needs of senior travelers. They can give you some advanced preparation, for example; available medical facilities in the areas you will be visiting.

Research is also important with respect to determining important factors, such as the climate, language, and cultural aspects. This particularly applies to an unaccompanied elderly traveler. Therefore;

  • Buy a guidebook for some advanced information
  • If necessary, make arrangements for wheelchairs
  • Guide dogs
  • Particular seating needs
  • Travel insurance with pre-existing illness cover if applicable
  • Determine any reciprocal healthcare agreement between countries

Be Thorough in Your Preparations

The old saying of being prepared for anything and everything may sound extreme. However, for the senior traveler, it’s better to prepare in advance and look forward to an incident-free trip. Accordingly, book a consultation with your doctor for a complete medical check-up, especially if you suffer from;

  • Coronary heart disease
  • A chronic condition
  • Hypertension
  • Recently undergone surgery
  • Experienced a heart attack
  • Require regular and particular medication

Your Comfort is Important

When undertaking any form of travel, especially if it’s extended, being and feeling comfortable is an essential part of the journey. This especially applies in the case of, for example, preparing a 90-year-old to fly on a long, taxing flight or flight with a long layover.

Therefore, ensure the clothing you wear is easily removable and includes comfortable walking shoes. It is a possibility that airport security could want to remove them for inspection.

Packing and Luggage

Firstly, it’s a good idea to have a suitcase on wheels and a spare pair of glasses. Then, be selective regarding what you are taking with you. It’s well recorded that many travelers believe they should take everything, including the kitchen sink!

Concentrate on the important items, such as your carry-on bag and especially a medical kit that includes;

  • Medication
  • Antacids and band-aids
  • Painkillers and band-aids.
  • Compartmentalized Pillbox

Are There Passenger Age Limitations on Flying?

If you are for, instance, a young 90-plus-year-old-youngster there are seemingly no age restrictions set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) or any other airline to date. Providing you don’t suffer from a serious medical condition and you possess a ‘fit to fly’ certificate issued within 7 days of travel, and on return, there are no issues.

Therefore, you can carry on flying to any age! However, many senior travelers experience difficulty in walking relatively long distances. The wheelchair availability is an ideal case scenario and significant consideration.

At the Airport

To make life easier, we recommend you to arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to departure. Also, check-in no more than one hour before the stated departure time. At the airport, there is assistance available to you in the form of:

  • Vehicle parking
  • Centralized bus stations
  • Drop-and-go and long-term parking areas
  • Help stations and phones

However, you are able to call for assistance from these points of entry. Also inside the terminal, there are designated areas of airport assistance for seniors! In the event of your being in a wheelchair, access through transportation security can be completed faster than usual.

Airfare Discounts for Senior Travelers

Most elderly travelers are concerned about finances. For many, the cost of a trip can be a costly experience. Therefore, when booking your flight research and take advantage of the best discounted senior travel offers and senior flight coupons.

No matter whether you are traveling alone or with a spouse, friends or a relative it is reasonable to want to save on expenses and at the same time enjoy the best available aspects of travel. They offer excellent opportunities for seniors to save money, with those traveling as a member of an affinity group benefitting from significant discounts.

And now; Bon Voyage!