There are various occasions when travelers wish to reach a destination that is not routed by their preferred airline. This is where you can look forward to spending the night at an unwanted location due to the fact of separate tickets being an issue related to a misconnection.

Although the internet is a primary source of communication, it is perhaps wise to take the precaution of not confining research, such as search award availability to that medium. It could be more productive to use the “old fashioned” phone for contacting the airlines directly to clarify issues not offered on the internet. In this respect, it’s important to note that the internet does not reflect all of the available data within the reservation systems.

Why Use the Phone to Book?

Influencing factors in booking award flights by phone can be versatility and flexibility, for instance when traveling each way in a different class. It is presumed by many agencies that you will travel the same class throughout your journey, but travelers are seeking change and variety.

The methods used regarding the fares and reservations procedures means that you will discover different agencies presenting different offers, with the occasion that when trying to book, there will not be available seating.

Consider Your Special Needs

Your particular needs should be taken into account if:

  • Your best booking option would be the airline.
  • Adding an agency to the process can be seen as enhancing the chances of something going wrong.
  • Direct contact with the airline can help reduce the odds for you!

The Agency Option

There are various and unfamiliar airlines; to generate customer flow, they discount their fares, generally by way of agencies. However, depending on individual requirements and the desire to get the best award flight deals:

  • From an established office.
  • Designated ethnic markets.
  • Offers from multiple sources with a single action.
  • Discounted fares (subject to routing and service class).

To Keep in Mind

When making an award booking from various agencies/services ensure that each person flying with you is named, including infants who could be traveling free of charge.

  • On international flights the recognized fare for infants is 10-percent.
  • The names of your party must be spelled correctly.
  • Incorrect information could lead to you and your party being denied aircraft boarding.
  • If you are seeking a non-standard service, utilize the telephone as a one-on-one opportunity.

Although alliance websites offer you a global booking facility, it does not mean that this is the best course of action for you! Part of the airlines operating service includes alliance members who have reciprocal arrangements with other airlines, designed to create a worldwide fares procedure. It makes it possible for you to find agency fares at highly competitive prices, compared to an alliance around the world fare.

Phone Bookings Offer Information

The more information you have about your travel procedures, the better, for example booking for Singapore using Citi/Chase/Amex/Starwood points. The phone offers you the opportunity to confirm whether any surcharges are applied for a telephone booking instead of online. In addition, are there any restrictions and/or fees applicable should you need to make a change in your plans or cancel?

Guidelines To Consider:

  • Determine if you can save money by organizing your accommodation at the same time.
  • Is the flight non-stop and if not, obtain information regarding the length of the flight and your connection points.
  • Can you check-in online after making your booking by telephone?

If your booking is ticketless, you can benefit from the fact that a paper generated ticket frequently incurs surcharges. In addition, fees for delivery and insurance. Therefore it’s in your interest to opt for an e-ticket and at the same time, arrange your assigned seating, and meals if required.

Negotiate The Best Deal You Can

One factor that is worth remembering is to ask the name of the person you are in contact with, as well as their direct telephone line and/or extension number. Besides, don’t forget a reference number, which is usually a record locator.

  • Should you be a frequent flyer, ensure they have all your relevant details, which you can update with this booking. Don’t be shy about negotiating the best possible deal, especially when redeeming miles and points.
  • Ask about various pricing aspects and availability regarding alternative airlines.
  • The person helping you has the knowledge to suggest cheaper alternative dates or routing options.
  • Confirm the ticket you are booking will earn you mileage.
  • If you wish to explore other sources, ask that seating is held for you. This is usually possible for 24 hours without charge.

It is also possible that if you inform them, you could make comparisons and earn an additional discount!