Let’s say you’re in the readiness position for booking a flight ticket with accumulated Miles. However, the budget is for most of us a critical issue from dealing with fluctuating currency exchange rates or being cash-limited and needing to reach a destination.

It’s natural for us to want the maximum withdrawal value from our Miles, which can mean needing to earn miles at different rates or the purpose of gaining the best possible value from them. However, in case of an emergency, the number of options available to you could be limited at this particular time.

Rules and Options Related to Miles Redemption

There are different influences that can affect your Miles processing negotiations, such as:

  • Factors associated with achieving Elite status.
  • Any booking of award flights does not receive credited Miles earnings.
  • It could influence you towards redeeming miles to travel first class to Asia, but you will not benefit from earning Award Miles or Elite-qualifying Miles on these flights.

Elite Status

If the achievement of Elite Status is a part of your overall strategy, the following is worth considering:

  • Book now, in respect of award travel but only pay for determined tickets.
  • Utilize ticket and upgrade availability to meet your qualifying mileage.
  • In general, preference is given to spending cash on tickets, with Elite credits being earned on those flights.

Look at the Points – Miles Value

When claiming the Awards, the primary objective is to get the best financial return possible. If we start looking in the minimum range of a 2-cents-per-mile-redemption, it could be worthwhile using Citi/Chase/Amex/Starwood points. We all want the best possible deal from redeeming our Miles, which could mean trading via value on Credit Card Purchases.

Another option is to consider a card that offers you a fixed return rate or travel redemption advantages on travel and cash back.

Utilizing Flexible Points With Airline Partners

Although 2-cents-per-mile can be seen as a fair benchmark, you are in the position of redeeming them for the amount you desire! However, if the redemption figures cover your intended travel costs, it could be seen that you have a great deal.

Some airlines, have adopted the practice of adding significant fuel charges to Awards tickets. Accordingly, you will create the advantage and resultant benefits to be gained from an economy flight. One thing to keep in mind here is the fixed charges related to the transaction.

Other Alternatives For You

  • Look and review your surcharges on the account (sometimes the surcharges will be nearly as much as an entire paid ticket!).
  • Utilize your flight miles for those airlines not adding overly-significant surcharges.
  • If you must pay, opt for a first-class redemption for an excellent flying experience.
  • It is not reasonable to hoard miles because they will not increase in value over time, and it is, therefore, better putting them to better use!

Your hard-earned Miles can be saved for certain bookings and selected for cash payments on other occasions. There are many and varied forms of booking your Award Tickets worth taking into account – because it’s your money!