When we look at a positioning flight with regard to air travel it is a flight that must be taken to enable you to reach a main international. One example when you need to travel across the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans. If you are not located within close reach of a major international terminal hub, you need to reach one by some means!

Understanding a Positioning Flight

The term “air positioning” when related to your flying experience can mean:

  • An airline sending an aircraft ending one flight at a particular airport and then flying another commercial flight from a different airport location
  • Many air travelers believe that the airlines offer discounted tickets for them

However, how can it affect your award flights?

To achieve this, there are various methods available to frequent flyers, influenced by your financial position:

  • You can purchase a more expensive award ticket instead of cheaper saver fares, which could mean you are paying standard rates or even buying two tickets
  • Or, it could be preferable to pay cash, thereby saving your miles for another journey

Some Airline Comparisons

Services vary between airlines in various forms, including when it relates to you needing to book a positioning flight. One example is via Delta flying to fly to Australia and New Zealand and the fact of there being no flights to those global points from the East Coast of the USA. The exception is New York, which is due to Qantas offering a connecting flight between JFK and LAX airports; but, Qantas is not a Delta partner.

Therefore, whether you live in New York, Miami or a remote town elsewhere, you require a positioning flight to reach the West Coast. Furthermore, there is open award seating available between LA and Sydney virtually every day.

One question is, are you prepared to undergo a connecting flight before a long trip journey to Australia? This could also demand a connecting flight if one is available!

Using Your Initiative

You do have the ability to book a positioned flight to LA on your initiative. This is due to nonstop flights offered by Frontier, Spirit, and United, between Cleveland and LA. If you wish to approach award booking services with accumulated Miles, then an option could be United Airlines, between Cleveland and LA. This will naturally be subject to award connection availability with international schedules.

Should you consider buying a positioning flight, then how much does it costs to get into? Partner award flights are usually priced at the lowest mileage levels. Should you add a single domestic segment at a higher level, this could increase the price for the complete award. In this event, it could be worth buying a ticket or redeeming an award with another carrier.

The Credit Card Advantage

If you are seeking a return on the money you are investing in your travel experiences, then credit cards can be a welcome advantage. In a highly-competitive rewards and awards environment, credit cards have become the best means of gaining some financial benefits.

Your card selection is wide and varied, and as a frequent traveler, it’s logical that you would require one that earns you rewards, such as the best credit card for airport lounges:

  • The credit card has been established as a significant motivation in financial management
  • They have the capacity for earning rewards seen by many as a bonus!

Great Incentives

When you consider your options for using miles and points, take into account that card sign-up bonuses are reaching new heights with some over 100,000 points. However, one factor to keep in mind is to maintain responsibility because paying the interest on a credit detracts from your rewards.

In these days of high competition between providers in all fields, marketing promotions have become a primary tool in getting consumer support. It has created an environment whereby airline Rewards programs are being presented to you with evermore advantages and benefits as incentives to book award flights.

However, with the various options available to you, specific questions could be asked:

  • Should you accumulate points or miles?
  • Are there more significant benefits from earning rewards with a determined value or which are transferable?
  • Is it better to focus on cash back or travel rewards?

Advantages and Benefits

The answers to these questions will be influenced by your financial position and how you want to utilize your rewards to meet planned travel objectives, such as booking flights with miles and points. Take into account that all rewards are beneficial and to your advantage, although they may not be presented equally.

When balancing and looking at fixed-value rewards, consider the overall fact that generally, it will make no difference whether you are collecting miles or points!