Since Qatar Airways has joined the Alliance, oneworld® frequent flyer program members, including Qatar Airways’ Privilege Club members, have been provided with the opportunity to take advantage of a special double mile offer.

How to Take Advantage of Double Miles Offer

The members are also able to check-in at any class desks in order to earn double miles. For doing it, they should depart on any oneworld® flight, regardless of the chosen class of travel.

The Qatar Airways’ Privilege Club loyalty program members can use double miles offer when booking a flight between November, 15, and January, 31. Here’s the list of the airline’s new oneworld® partners that offer flights beyond the holiday period (from December, 20 to January, 5): 

In addition, the members might consider flying with approximately 30 of their affiliated airlines.

The Elite Members

The Privilege Club members and at the same time, possessors of the Silver, Gold, and Platinum statuses receive new membership cards.

Also, a special “gemstone” tier status symbol will be added onto the card with a view to letting customers use all the list of the alliance’s services and benefits.

  • Platinum cardholders will have oneworld® Emerald status
  • Gold will be equivalent to oneworld® Sapphire
  • Silver will be oneworld® Ruby

As oneworld® Emerald and Sapphire, Privilege Club members will board any oneworld® airline’s flight before the boarding gate closes. It will be done in order to avoid waiting for passengers to be called for boarding.

In their turn, Privilege Club Silver cardholders receive oneworld® Ruby status that means they will have the opportunity to check-in at Business Class desks on any oneworld® flight, regardless of the chosen class.

The oneworld® tiers consist of:

  1. Emerald
  2. Sapphire
  3. Ruby

The tiers offer such perks as waitlisting and priority standby when flying with any oneworld® airline. The benefits are offered only if the flight is fully booked. In addition, passengers are able to choose and pre-reserve a preferred seat, whenever it’s available.

New Lounge Benefits

The Privilege Club Gold and Platinum members are now allowed to invite an accompanying guest. They will have the opportunity to use over 550 airport VIP lounges offered by oneworld® airlines all over the world. It doesn’t depend on the chosen class – the point is to fly with any of the alliance’s carriers only.

Just for the record, these offered VIP lounges are included in the list of the best ones worldwide in the airline industry award programs.

Privilege Club Platinum or oneworld® Emeralds

As oneworld® Emeralds, Privilege Club Platinum members are now permitted to access First-Class lounges, where it’s available. In its turn, the oneworld® is the only alliance that offers top-tier frequent flyers access to exceptional First-Class lounges while they aren’t booked to travel in the First Class cabin.

Privilege Club Platinum cardholders are welcome to check-in at the First-Class desks on any oneworld® airline, regardless of the chosen class of travel. Let ut be Economy or Business class. In addition, passengers can bring additional baggage and access fast track in case if it’s offered at the chosen airport.

Privilege Club Platinum or oneworld® Sapphire

Like oneworld® Sapphire cardholders, Privilege Club Gold cardholders are allowed to consider flying on Business Class or VIP lounge provided by oneworld® member airlines worldwide. Equivalent to previous tiers, it doesn’t matter what class a passenger has booked.

Earn More Miles and Discover New Destinations

When traveling on any oneworld® member airline, Privilege Club members automatically earn Qpoints that will let them move up to a higher tier and consequently, get more benefits and access to better services.

Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to redeem these points for other flights. It’s important to mention that they will be able to use Qpoints towards all the oneworld® airline network, operating more than 900 destinations.