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Finnair Plus
As a member of the Finnair Plus Awards program, you have the opportunity of enhancing your flying experiences with many and varied exciting and profitable benefits. Your program status is the key to determining the number of points you accumulate and the privileges you gain from them.

You can earn Tier and Award points from Finnair, OneWorld airlines flights and our other service partners. As you progress upwards through the status Tiers, so do your redeemable benefits increase!
  • Pros
  • Money+Points options ❶
  • Cons
  • One ways cost more than 50%
  • Most airlines cannot be booked online
  • Fees & Charges
  • Change fee
    EUR 50
  • Expiration: Points expire 12 months since last activity.
  • For some programs, an activity is any accrual of miles, crediting a flight, transfering or purchasing miles. For others, spending activities such as redeeming or donating points counts as an activity.
  • ❶ Eligible to select locations

Transfer Partners

Hilton points
5 : 1
7 days
The ratio is the number of flexible reward points it would take to transfer to Finnair Plus.
Transfer time is what is reported by the transfer programs, supplemented by our own research. However, actual time to transfer is often highly variable.

Airlines and Fuel Surcharge

This table will show you the partner airlines can be booked online and those which impose fuel surcharge.

British Airways British Airways
Finnair Finnair
Iberia Iberia
Qantas Qantas
American Airlines American Airlines
Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific
Japan Airlines Japan Airlines
LAN Argentina LAN Argentina
LATAM Brasil LATAM Brasil
Malaysia Airlines Malaysia Airlines
Qatar Airways Qatar Airways
Royal Jordanian Royal Jordanian
S7 Airlines S7 Airlines
SriLankan Airlines SriLankan Airlines

Program Review

This Tier is your initial entrance to the Awards program and the beginning of your Awards status journey, which is tracked on annually, and automatically. Following your first accrual transaction, you will receive your Basic membership card, which entitles you to earn and accumulate Tier and Award points when you fly with Finnair or OneWorld airlines:

  • Tier points are your motivation for increasing your status levels of Membership
  • Award points are redeemable for a large and varied range of exciting range of benefits and privileges

Your Basic Tier benefits include;

  • You earn Tier and Award points.
  • Faster flight booking as your details are profile-stored.
  • Special offers.
  • Selection of rewards and benefits.

Your next step up the Finnair Plus Tier ladder is to Silver status. For this achievement, you are required to accumulate 30,000 Tier points. Alternatively, during your annual tracking period, you have flown on 20- qualifying scheduled flights with Finnair or other OneWorld member airlines.

Finnair Plus Silver

Upon reaching this status Tier you benefit from a variety of rewards; for example:

  • One extra bag (up to 23 kg (50 lb)) when you fly with Finnair on determined flights, irrespective of the travel class. 
  • Your check-in can be by way of Business Class for all qualifying Finnair Plus flights on any travel class.
  • At security controls, you are permitted access to the faster Priority Lane.
  • Access to the Finnair lounge for yourself and your travel companions can be purchased on determined flights with Finnair Plus points or combined with cash. The fee is 500-points or €25.

Silver Discounts

  • Advanced seat reservation - a 50-percent discount for scheduled Finnair flights by way of the Select Your Seat service. Economy Comfort seats and those with extra legroom are excluded.
  • Purchasing products on-board or those pre-ordered on flights to destinations outside the EU benefits you with a 10-percent discount on the listed product price.
  • Ten-percent extra Finnair Plus points can be earned on qualifying Finnair flights with the Silver Tier point’s multiplier.

Upon accumulating;

  • 80,000 Tier points. 
  • Alternatively flying 46-qualifying flights on Finnair or member OneWorld airlines within the stipulated tracking period, you are eligible for Gold status.

Finnair Plus Gold Tier

Upon attuning this status your rewards increase significantly, with your Silver status benefits retained, and enhanced.

  • Access to Finnair Lounges and the Premium Lounge when using Finnair flights irrespective of travel class. It is a benefit that is also granted to one guest traveling on the same flight.
  • Access to OneWorld Business Class lounges, regardless of travel class, plus one guest traveling on the same flight.
  • Seat reservation is available but does not include Economy Comfort seats free-of-charge by way of “Your Seat service.”
  • You have the advantage of accessing the complimentary internet.
  • You are eligible for 4-travel class upgrades, for use on Finnair flights within Europe. You can exchange them for two-for-the-price-of-one Classic Economy award flights or even a one-way intercontinental upgrade.

Your next Tier to achieve is Finnair Plus Platinum status, which requires:

  • Accumulating 50,000 tier points or
  • Travel on 76-scheduled qualifying flights.

These may be with Finnair or other OneWorld partnership airlines during your annual tracking period.

Finnair Platinum Tier

Your Platinum Tier benefits include those offered with the Gold Tier, as well as:

  • One extra piece of luggage to the weight of 20–23 kg (44–50 lb).
  • Advanced Seat reservation at no charge and which includes reserving an Economy Comfort seat. Finnair guarantees your confirmed seating for European scheduled Business Class booking classes J, C, and D, and for scheduled European and intercontinental Economy booking classes Y, B and H.
  • Complimentary Internet connection for the entire flight on intercontinental flights for Finnair Plus members.
  • You and one accompanying flight guest are granted access to the Finnair Lounges and Premium Lounge when traveling on Finnair flights.
  • You will be awarded 2-one-way travel class upgrades, for use on any Finnair operated scheduled intercontinental flights and 4-one-way travel class upgrades, for any Finnair scheduled flights within Europe which are interchangeable.

Your Finnair Plus membership entitles you to use your points towards upgrading three family members' Class Type (i.e. from Economy Class to Business Class). This applies when you purchase a Business Class ticket. For an intercontinental flight the point charge is 50,000-points per person, and 10,000 points for European return flights.

The Finnair Plus Platinum Lumo Tier

The Platinum Lumo Tier consists of different benefits available for its owners. It offers you various advantages designed to your flight convenience and travel flexibility, and also it provides you with the best possible customer service. You may acquire the tier by having accumulated 450,000 tier points. Note that it's important to eat 350,000 points when flying with Finnair or 150-OneWorld flights. Keep in mind that your tracking period should include at least 100 flights with Finnair.

Upon attaining Finnair Plus membership status you can start reaping the benefits instantly, with your Tier membership continuing for the remainder of your current tracking period and the following 12-months. You retain all your Platinum privileges and in addition, added advantages and prioritized service that is befitting of this highest status level.

Your Miles Will Not Expire

Customer care is a primary consideration when you join the Finnair Plus program. It is to the extent that your valuable Frequent Flyer Miles are protected against expiring. All you need to ensure is that you maintain some mileage activity during an 18-month period. This is particularly beneficial to those members who are frequent flyers within the Finnair Plus program.

It provides them with peace of mind knowing that their accumulated miles will not be expired after a determined period. If you share this type of situation then you can be assured you can collect your awarded frequent flyer miles with the knowledge there is an option available to you.

Key Awards Factors for Members

Member benefits are an integral factor of any rewards program and to this end, Finnair Plus rewards its customers with airlines miles based on the distance flown. This is instead of them being dependent on the price paid for a ticket. A further influencing factor is that this innovative rewards program continues to award miles in respect to a significantly discounted economy class ticket!