Frequently asked questions

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“Results do not show award availability currently on site. At the moment they show all possible options. We keep working hard on it and will bring the full award availability search feature to you soon!”
“No, You don’t have to give your credit card details up front.”
“This information can be found here How it works
“This information can be found here Pricing
“The purpose of prepayment is to avoid false booking requests that may lead to extensive queue. Each booking request is processed by real human Expert in charge of researching and booking it accordingly. AwardBird is continuously investing efforts in providing our customers immediate access to the services.”
“Prepayment is refunded within 24 hours if we can’t find any flights or if the suggested flights don’t match the criteria specified by the client.”
“Unfortunately, we cannot predict the period of validity for the fares our Experts find. As the airlines use dynamic pricing schemes that change all the time, we recommend that you book the flights as soon as possible after our Experts have submitted a solution to you. Given this particularity, your itinerary solution will have a 48 hours limit. If the fare is no longer available but the time limit has not been reached, our Experts will promptly find you an alternative without charge.”
“You can use a different credit card to pay AwardBird’s search fee than the one you use to book your flights.”
“The more information you provide in your booking request, the more options our Experts will be able to come up with. Also, the more flexible your travel dates are, the more options you’ll get. We suggest that you provide a comprehensive overview of your travel dates, your preferred departure and arrival times, maximum number of connections.”
“It takes usually no more than 24 hours of your initial request to create the best strategy and to find award flights matching given criteria.”
“Yes, Sure! Just select “Best possible/available class” option, on the request page”
“No. If you change your plans or simply decide not to book the flights that our Experts had found, you will not pay our fee. In this case, prepayment will not be returned.”
“We can search a flight up to 330 days in advance of your departure date. However, the lowest fares are typically offered between three and four months in advance of departure.”
“Of course! In addition to the search service, AwardBird also provides free booking services. Yes, you heard us right - it is 100% free.”
“If we can’t find any flights matching the criteria provided by you, no payment is required and prepayment will be refunded within 24 hours.”
“At the moment we don’t assist in the purchase of revenue tickets, but we can recommend the best resources.”
“If the provided flights won’t match the requested particularities, no payment is required and prepayment will be refunded within 24 hours.”
“If you are leaving within seven days of submitting a request, our Experts will try to find tickets for you and no additional fee will be charged.”
“We will be glad to answer any questions, contact us here