Deadline: March 31, 2018

AwardBird Scholarship for Students

"Traveling hacks for a college student" or "How to effectively combine education and travel?"
$500 will be awarded to one selected winner
AwardBird Scholarship

New Opportunity for the Most Promising Young People

What if all talented young students had equal opportunities for taking off in life? What if knowledge became equally available to everybody eager to learn new things? The world would definitely be a better place - that is something everybody will agree on.

This is what AwardBird is trying to do. Create equal opportunities to the young talented people that will manage to change the world for better. This scholarship will contribute to the beginning of a new era in someone’s life and maybe it will be our scholar the one who will make a difference.

The Prize

AwardBird offers a scholarship of $500 to one selected winner. The money will be directed towards covering educational costs. Our scholarship is available once a year.


Everybody who fits under the following conditions is welcome to apply:

  1. Be a U.S citizen or resident.
  2. Must be an undergraduate student at an accredited U.S. college/university.
  3. Minimum cumulative GPA must be 2.8.

How to Apply for AwardBird Scholarship

The applicants enter the contest by submitting one of the following:
  • An essay of minimum 800 words;
  • An infographic;
  • A video of 3-5 minutes.
The work will be based on one topic, upon discretion:
  • Traveling hacks for a college student.
  • How to effectively combine education and travel?
All works must comply with the following:
  • The work should be based on the author’s personal opinion and experience.
  • There is zero tolerance for plagiarism.
  • Unique and original style.
  • If the work is an essay, it must be submitted in Microsoft Word or PDF format.
  • If you choose to create a video, please include a link to it in your e-mail.

Where and How to Submit the Application?

Please send your application at:

Include your contact details (full name, phone, address, and email), as well as the name of your school and documents that proof that you are a student.


The applications should be submitted by March 31, 2018. The winner will be announced on April 15, 2018.


The works will be judged by a committee of three persons from AwardBird. The judges will download the received applications only when the deadline for submission has passed. This will exclude early judgment.

Choosing the Winner

After having selected three finalists among the applicants, based on the above criteria, AwardBird will publish their works on the company’s Facebook page. The final winner shall be chosen by the Facebook users, who will like and share the preferred work. The one with the greatest amount of likes and shares shall become the winner of the scholarship.

When the winner is selected, the company’s representatives will contact him/her via email. We will then issue a press release, announcing the winner.

Terms and Conditions

  1. By entering this contest, the applicants accept to make their name and image public, in case of winning the scholarship.
  2. The works that don’t follow the scholarship's conditions will be disqualified. This includes works with less than 800 words or in the wrong format, plagiarized content, incorrect information, poor grammar or orthography, improper content.
  3. AwardBird is not affiliated with any school or educational institution.
  4. One applicant can submit one work.
  5. AwardBird’s employees and family members cannot take part in the contest.
  6. There is no participation fee.

We wish everybody luck and are looking forward to receiving your applications!