Alfursan - Saudia Airlines

Alfursan is a unique program that offers frequent flyers of Saudia a range of benefits and privileges designed to make their travels even more rewarding. As a member of Alfursan you can access a variety of personalized services while earning Reward Miles that can be redeemed for free flights and upgrades. This is in addition to an array of special privileges intended to make flying easier than before, including a substantial excess luggage allowance, personalized luggage tags and priority wait listing.
  • Pros
  • Stopovers are not allowed
  • Good rates on partner flights
  • Good number of partner airlines
  • Cons
  • First class restriction ❶
  • Only one 1 : 1 transfer partner
  • Partners can't be booked online ❷
  • Fees & Charges
  • Change award fee ❸
  • Phone booking fee ❷
  • Expiration: Miles expire 36 months since last activity.
  • For some programs, an activity is any accrual of miles, crediting a flight, transfering or purchasing miles. For others, spending activities such as redeeming or donating points counts as an activity.
  • ❶ First class only available on Saudia, China Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines and Delta Air Lines
  • ❷ There is no U.S. based award booking number. Customers outside of Saudi Arabia are directed to: +966 (12) 686-1010
  • ❷ Since you are not calling an office in the U.S., remember to take into account the time difference between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, which is Eastern Standard Time plus seven hours. You have to call to book flights on partner airlines and to create complex itineraries.
  • ❸ Change fees are $27 domestic and $67 international

Transfer Partners

Marriott points
3 : 1
+ 15,000 bonus
42 days
IHG points
5 : 1
42 days
Wyndham points
5 : 1
28 days
Hilton points
10 : 1
4 days
Carlson points
10 : 1
42 days
The ratio is the number of flexible reward points it would take to transfer to Alfursan.
Transfer time is what is reported by the transfer programs, supplemented by our own research. However, actual time to transfer is often highly variable.

Airlines and Fuel Surcharge

This table will show you the partner airlines can be booked online and those which impose fuel surcharge.

Aeroflot Aeroflot
Aerolíneas Argentinas Aerolíneas Argentinas
AeroMexico AeroMexico
Air Europa Air Europa
Air France Air France
Alitalia Alitalia
China Airlines China Airlines
China Eastern Airlines China Eastern Airlines
China Southern Airlines China Southern Airlines
No alliance
Czech Airlines Czech Airlines
Delta Air Lines Delta Air Lines
Garuda Indonesia Garuda Indonesia
Kenya Airways Kenya Airways
KLM Royal Dutch KLM Royal Dutch
Korean Air Korean Air
Saudia Airlines Saudia Airlines
Vietnam Airlines Vietnam Airlines
XiamenAir XiamenAir

Program Review


Previously established in 1945, Saudia has succeeded to improve their services to the advanced level. Since the establishment date Saudia has compiled with a special strategic development plan that has allowed the airline to modernize its technical infrastructure in different sectors, including administrative, technical, and financial ones.

In addition, the airline developed its customer services, consisting of call centers and other automatic services: the possibility to issue tickets and boarding passes using special machines that can be found at airports, shopping centers, and sales offices. You might notice their qualitative internet services as well. You're able to make a reservation, purchase a ticket, select a seat, or issue a boarding pass using their user-friendly online platform.

Nowadays, the airline operates more than 26 domestic and 53 international destinations. The annual number of passengers reaches more than 25 million. Saudia still continues efforts to modernize its fleet by acquiring 90 new aircraft including 35 Airbus A320s, 15 A321s, 12 A330s, 20 Boeing 777s and eight Boeing Dreamliners.

Unique Rewards for Frequent Flyers with Saudia Airlines & Alfursan

From a humble beginning in 1945 Saudia is today recognized as being amongst the leading and largest airlines in global travel. It is an airline that is proud of providing consistently high-quality service to its customers and also rewarding the Frequent Flying fraternity! To help maintain and improve their customer service, Saudia Airlines combines with an innovative rewards program known as Alfursan. It offers a range of benefits and privileges designed to make airline travel even more exciting and rewarding!

When becoming a member of Alfursan, you are given access to a variety of personalized services, which include earning Reward Miles, redeemable for free flights and upgrades. Also, you are offered a wide and varied selection of special privileges, designed to make your flying experience more comfortable and more comfortable. You benefit from a significant excess luggage allowance, personalized tags, and priority wait-listing. Also, various other exciting offers, such as;

  • Preferential rates on selected services from their global program partnerships
  • Preferred rates with car rental companies
  • Preferential considerations with credit card organizations and world-class hotels

Your Alfursan program means that as a member, every recognized flight you take is a miles-earner for you and gives you the currency for rewards, benefits, and privileges. 

Saudi Airlines - Alfursan Benefits

Reward Miles offers you the opportunity of earning Miles for every mile you fly with Saudia Airlines and their “SkyTeam” and various Alfursan commercial partners. You have the potential of earning Reward Miles faster when you select Alfursan Silver and Alfursan Gold membership. This is achieved by:

  • Flying Premium cabin classes
  • Enrolling family members
  • Special promotions from Saudia Airlines, SkyTeam, and Alfursan commercial partners

Status Miles by way of the Alfursan Blue, Silver and Gold membership tiers earn you progressive rewards in the form of Miles when you fly with Saudia Airlines and its SkyTeam partners. As you upgrade to the higher tiers, the number of benefits and privileges to which you are entitled, increase significantly. Keep in mind that your earned Status Miles are valid only for the calendar year in which they are earned!

Your Access Advantages

As a member of the SkyTeam global alliance, Saudia Airlines can offer Alfursan members access to a full and varied range of flight advantages in the form of a vast worldwide airlines network. Your status as an Alfursan member gives you the opportunity of earning and redeeming Miles across the entire SkyTeam network, which means:

  • 15,000 flights daily  
  • Over 993 destinations 
  • 186 countries 

Besides, your membership of the SkyTeam Elite tiers also gives you unique benefits and privileges for Silver and Gold members. The SkyTeam Elite status is reserved for Silver members; with the Elite Plus status giving added prestige to Gold members!

Status and Tiers Progression

The three tiers of Blue, Silver, and Gold of your Alfursan membership enable you to achieve and gain higher status and increasing, exclusive privileges as you progress through the tiers.

The Alfursan membership is where you begin, and this is valid for life. It offers you a varied range of benefits and the opportunity to earn Reward Miles not only from your flights but also when you fly and via special Alfursan partner promotions!

Progression to the Alfursan Silver membership provides all the benefits of a Blue membership, and also some other significant privileges when you fly with Saudia and SkyTeam associated airlines. You also become entitled to an additional 25% Reward Miles bonus on every eligible flight. 

Your qualification for Alfursan Silver membership depends upon your earning 25,000-Status-Miles or flying 20-international sectors during a single-calendar-year. To retain your Alfursan Silver membership will mean earning 20,000 Status Miles or flying 15 international sectors during the following calendar year.

The status of Alfursan Gold membership is confined to those Alfursan members who have shown outstanding loyalty. The privileges associated with this status include a superior level of service and unique privileges and benefits. These are attained when you fly with Saudia and SkyTeam partnership airlines, 

As an Alfursan Gold member, you are entitled to a 50-percent Reward Miles bonus on every recognized flight, thus providing easier access to earning further rewards!

Your qualification for Gold membership requires earning 50,000 Status Miles or flying 40-international sectors during a single calendar year. Retaining your Gold membership means earning 40,000 Status Miles or flying 30-international sectors during the following calendar year!

Earning Your Alfursan Reward and Status Miles

As a Member of the Alfursan Rewards Program, you have the opportunity to earn miles when you fly with Saudia Airline and its SkyTeam partners, as well as with other associated Alfursan commercial partner services.

  • Every Saudia flight you make earns you both Reward and Status Miles, added to your account automatically
  • You can earn Reward Miles for every mile flown on a recognized Saudia Airlines flight
  • Purchasing Business or First Class tickets assist you in gaining your rewards and faster progression through the membership tiers

Your Tier Bonuses: 

  • Alfursan Silver members are eligible for a 25 percent Reward Miles bonus for every flight they make. This is in addition to any cabin-class bonus
  • Alfursan Gold members can reap a 50 percent Reward Miles bonus
  • Tier bonuses are not applicable to Status Miles

Be Rewarded by Alfursan Hotel Partners

Starwood Hotels Points Redemption

As a Starwood Preferred Guest, you are welcomed to one of the leading worldwide hotel and leisure companies. Offering more than 1000-hotels and resorts in almost 100-countries. Starwood Hotels present you with their well established and respected miles points’ redemption program, with a conversion point’s ratio of 1-for-1 and a bonus of 5000!

You have the opportunity of an excellent hotel selection and a faster accumulation of points, with a zero-blackout with Free-Nights-Awards.

Wyndham Hotels Rewards

You earn Alfursan Miles by way of the Wyndham Hotels Rewards program, with qualifying stays at any of the 14-participating worldwide brands.
Earning qualifying Alfursan Miles on a 1-for-1 ratio with stays at Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, Wyndham Grand Collection, Wyndham Garden Inns, Wingate by Wyndham, Dream Hotels, and Night Hotels. Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham, Tryp by Wyndham, Ramada Worldwide, 

The Marriott Rewards Program

As an Alfursan member, you have the advantage of earning and transferring Reward Points to Alfursan Miles. Offering you exceptional earning power you will discover that the Marriott Rewards Program provides you with easy and convenient 1-for-1 miles-earning-options! With a choice of over 40-airline programs, your miles make the world your oyster!

Giving you the point’s advantage:

  • Convert your points into free hotel stays, or combine points and cash when booking online
  • Save points by using 33-percent fewer at selected hotels, worldwide
  • Conveniently utilize your points during your stays
  • Exchange your points for another suite or even a better view
  • Have the option to book a redemption stay, even without sufficient points
  • Enjoy greater flexibility in transferring your points between programs 

The Alfursan Banking Partners

You are offered various opportunities by the Alfursan Rewards Program by way of established banking partners to earn additional Reward Miles. 

Alfursan associated Credit Cards enable you to accumulate Reward Miles each time you make a purchase, thereby enabling you to achieve significantly faster rewards.  Utilizing the Alfursan Credit Cards also entitles you to exclusive privileges related to your travel as well as various other benefits. An example is the Samba Alfursan Credit Card which gives you the opportunity to earn Alfursan Reward Miles when shopping, but also gives you the advantages of world-class privileges!

With the Samba Alfursan Platinum and Titanium Credit Cards, you have benefits designed to meet your business and leisure travel needs. These include global recognition and convenient installment payments, among many other advantages.

Introduce Family Members and Benefit

They appreciate the importance of family advantage, and you are welcome to invite up to 8-family-members to also apply for Alfursan membership. It enables them to share and enjoy all the privileges associated with their membership and at the same time earn you further rewards.  The Family membership program includes immediate relatives and children over two years old. Also eligible for your sponsorship, are private drivers and housemaids, all of whom receive their personalized membership card.

As Alfursan members, your family earns flight Reward Miles in the same way as yourself, except for children between the ages of two and twelve years, who earn 50-percent.  All Reward Miles earned by your family are awarded to your account. However, Status Miles and International Sectors earned from flights by family members are awarded directly to their accounts. This encourages and permits them to progress through the membership tiers. 

Regarding Status Miles; your family is subject to the same terms as those imposed on you, the full member. An exception is that children between the ages of 2-and-12-years will earn fifty-percent!

The Reward Miles earned by your family upon being credited to your account can be redeemed for Alfursan rewards using the same procedure as with your Reward Miles. You are also able to redeem Reward Miles on behalf of your family members.