EarlyReturns® - Frontier Airlines

“Low Fares Done Right” is the commitment made by Frontier Airlines. With headquarters in Denver, this consumer-driven airline believes that travel is for everyone! Their low-fare policy is designed to provide travelers with opportunities to travel more frequently, expand horizons, and enhance contact with family and business associates.

A 2015 recipient of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Diamond Award for maintenance excellence, Frontier has also been recognized as a leading airline in fuel-efficiency!
  • Pros
  • Every day purchases earning benefit
  • Cons
  • No partner airlines
  • Fees & Charges
  • Phone booking fee
  • Expiration: Miles expire 36 months since last activity.
  • For some programs, an activity is any accrual of miles, crediting a flight, transfering or purchasing miles. For others, spending activities such as redeeming or donating points counts as an activity.

Transfer Partners

Marriott points
3 : 1
+ 15,000 bonus
42 days
Wyndham points
5 : 1
28 days
LQR points
6 : 1
56 days
Hilton points
6.67 : 1
4 days
Carlson points
10 : 1
42 days
The ratio is the number of flexible reward points it would take to transfer to EarlyReturns®.
Transfer time is what is reported by the transfer programs, supplemented by our own research. However, actual time to transfer is often highly variable.

Airlines and Fuel Surcharge

This table will show you the partner airlines can be booked online and those which impose fuel surcharge.

Frontier Airlines Frontier Airlines
No alliance

Program Review

We all like being rewarded for our achievements and loyalty. As a member of the Frontier Miles frequent flyer program, it has just become easier for you!  

Irrespective of how much you spend you will benefit as a Frontier Milers Member with:

  • One-mile for each mile you fly
  • Redeem your earned miles for reward flights faster
  • Achieve an Elite Status quicker
  • Have the advantage of being able to travel more frequently
  • Pool your miles with family and friends
  • Free to join

Extra Miles Earning Benefits

As a member of Frontier Miles, you not only benefit from the flight miles you earn but also from the partners. For example:

  • Every day purchases 
  • 4-miles for each dollar spent with Vinesse Wines
  • 5-Frontier Miles per dollar for Groupon purchases
  • 500-Frontier Miles from renting great cars at low rates 

Frontier Airlines World MasterCard Advantage

As well as a 40,000 mils bonus, with the Frontier Airlines MasterCard the more you swipe, the greater are your earnings! This card offers you more opportunities to travel in the form of: 

  • Extra miles
  • Greater rewards 
  • 5-miles for each Dollar you spend on Frontier purchases
  • 3-miles-per-Dollar you spend at restaurants
  • 1-mile for every other dollar spent anywhere else

Achieve Elite Status the Easy Way

If your ambitions include flying like a VIP and enjoying benefits such as complimentary seat selection and carry-on baggage, then Elite Status is your objective! At Frontier Airlines we not only make your journey less challenging for you to achieve status with rewards but also for your family. 

It can be easy for you to gain Elite Status whether you fly extensively or not. It is also achievable by earning Status Miles from simply swiping your Frontier Airlines World MasterCard.

Elite Status 20K 

This membership status can begin for you with only 20,000 miles qualifying miles, or 25-segments/ 

Your benefits include;

  • Carry on baggage
  • Prioritized Boarding
  • Waived Redemption Fees 
  • Family-Miles-Pooling 
  • Last Seat Availability

Elite Status 50K

You require only 50,000 Status Qualifying Miles or 50-Segments to achieve:

  • All 20K benefits 
  • Stretch Seating facilities
  • A mileage multiplier of 1.25-percent

Elite Status 100K

This status level requires you to earn 100,000 qualifying miles or 100 Segments, for which you will receive:

  • All 50K benefits 
  • A Mileage Multiplier of 1.5-percent
  • Checked baggage
  • Family status

Defining Your Status Qualifying Mile 

These are miles earned to gain Elite Status and are achieved by your flying Frontier or when with your Frontier Airlines World MasterCard. It should be kept in mind that Status Miles and for Status achievement only, and are not redeemable for flights or with Frontier Airlines partners. 

In addition, the types of miles listed below are not regarded as Status Qualifying Miles:

  • Special bonus miles
  • Mileage multipliers 
  • Any promotional miles

Your Frontier Family Benefits Advantage 

This is an innovative mileage program we have designed to advantage family members, with each Elite Membership Status offering, added exclusive family rewards. 

You can include 8-separate members in your Family Pool, such as:

  • Friends
  • Co-workers
  • Or anyone you consider family 

Family Elite 20k – 50K 

You gain access to family pooling: 

  • 20K-Status enables the collection and redeeming of miles within 8-family members and friends
  • 50K-Status provides for free family seating 

Achieving 100K-Family Pooling Status 

You and your family reap the benefits of the “Works Bundle”

  • Carry-On Baggage
  • Checked Baggage
  • Selection of Seating
  • Boarding Priority
  • Flexibility with Flight
  • 100% Refunding ability

Pooling Frontier Miles Equals Easier and Faster Award Fights

Flying with Frontier Airlines means freedom from limitations, and you will not be concerned with the issue of too few miles. This is because whether you have collected 100 or100, 000-miles, you are not restricted by how many can be added and used by your pool! When you wish to redeem miles, there are no hidden transaction fees to contend with!

The eligible member who opened the Frontier Family Pool s the designated "head" and can invite those whom he wishes to join and share their Frontier Miles.
Upon the pool collecting sufficient Frontier Miles, the “head” is able to redeem them for an award flight!

Redeeming Your Frontier Miles

As with all aspects of your Frontier Miles, the redeeming process for Award Travel is made convenient and easy, by contacting flyfrontier.com!

  • There are three different award levels available to you
  • You are advised about the number of miles you need to book a flight of your choice
  • Booking during busier travel periods could mean more redemption miles
  • There are no blackout dates

The Value Award 

  • You are offered the same benefits of Standard fare, with tickets from 10,000 mi one-way, plus taxes and fees. 

Standard Award 

  • Offers the same benefits as the Standard fare PLUS greater flight availability. These tickets are from 20,000 mi one-way, plus taxes and fees.

Elite only – Last Seat Award 

  • With similar benefits as Standard Fare, Elite also allows for your booking for any flight offering an available seat. These tickets begin at 22,500 mi, plus taxes and fees.

The Redeeming Procedure

  • Log-In to your MyFRONTIERsm account and then conduct a search by "Miles" which will also show the number of miles needed for a chosen flight
  • Select your Flight taking into account taxes and fees
  • Complete your Booking keeping in mind that if you have Elite Status you receive a carry-on baggage and seat assignment free of charge

A traveling companion is booked on the same reservation as an Elite Status Member or Frontier credit card holder.

Frontier Redemption Options

Booking a flight is not the only miles redemption option available to you. At Frontier, we offer you the flexibility of using your Miles in your everyday lifestyle. From renting a car or subscribing to a periodical you have a variety of Mile Redemption options available to you with many and various Partners; designed to make your life that much easier!