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Saga Club
Icelandair Saga Club is the Frequent Flyer Program for Icelandair. The program offers a lot of benefits, including special deals and promotions for those frequent flyers who possess the Saga Silver and Saga Gold status. The Icelandair Saga Club members are welcome to earn up to 11,700 Tier Points when flying with Icelandair, and about 40,000 Points that can be used towards the status upgrade: 40,000 for Saga Silver status and 80,000 for Saga Gold status, respectively.
  • Pros
  • Cash and miles option available ❻
  • Cons
  • One way restriction ❹
  • TATL must by phone only ❷
  • No any 1 : 1 transfer partner
  • Economy awards restriction ❸
  • Low number of partner airlines
  • Partners cannot be booked online
  • Most partners impose fuel surcharge
  • Fees & Charges
  • Change award fee ❶
  • Cancellation fee ❺
  • Expiration: Miles expire 36 months since last activity.
  • For some programs, an activity is any accrual of miles, crediting a flight, transfering or purchasing miles. For others, spending activities such as redeeming or donating points counts as an activity.
  • ❶ No change fees on Saga or Economy Comfort class tickets. However, there's a change fee for Economy awards ranging from $22 to $85 (i.e. ISK 3,000 - 12,000)
  • ❷ It's necessary to book transatlantic awards by phone
  • ❸ For Economy flex, the required minimum stay is 2 days or one Sunday. For basic Economy awards, only Sunday minimum stay is required
  • ❹ Saga Class awards aren't intended to be used for one-way bookings
  • ❺ Economy Flex cancellations charge about $22 (i.e. ISK 3,000). Note that only 50% of the points that have been used to book non-Flex economy award flights are refunded
  • ❻ The Icelandair airline doesn't offer points plus cash fares. Although, you might use the acquired points towards purchasing coupons or gift certificates. Then you'll be welcome to use it as a cash booking part.

Transfer Partners

Hilton points
10 : 1
4 days
Carlson points
10 : 1
42 days
The ratio is the number of flexible reward points it would take to transfer to Saga Club.
Transfer time is what is reported by the transfer programs, supplemented by our own research. However, actual time to transfer is often highly variable.

Airlines and Fuel Surcharge

This table will show you the partner airlines can be booked online and those which impose fuel surcharge.

Air Iceland Air Iceland
No alliance
Alaska Airlines Alaska Airlines
No alliance
Finnair Finnair
Icelandair Icelandair
No alliance

Program Review

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A Flying Experience With a Difference

The Icelandair Saga Club offers its members various opportunities to earn points from various and associated sources, for example:

  • All Icelandair flights
  • Onboard sales from the Saga Shop Collection
  • The Saga Shop Kitchen
  • Global partner companies 

There are a variety of recognized partners, including:

  • Air Iceland Connect
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Finnair
  • JetBlue 
  • Hotels and car-rental providers 
  • Tours 

Iceland is geographically located midway between North America and Europe. Icelandair utilized this factor to create and establish an increasing network of international routes with Iceland at its center. As a valued Member of the Icelandair Saga Club and a Frequent Flyer, you have the opportunity of being upgraded to Saga Silver or Saga Gold membership, in which you can benefit from many and varied rewards!

How to Earn Mile Points Rewards

As a Saga Club Member, you can earn Card Points by:  

  • Accumulating 40,000 Points, you will have achieved Saga Silver Status membership. 
  • Achieving Gold level by earning 80,000 Card Points

The Icelandair Saga Club is designed to show how the airline appreciates you as their customer. As a Member, you can earn both Saga Points and Card Points for all scheduled Icelandair flights. Silver Status Members receive a 10-percent bonus on their Card Points, while Gold members gain a 20-percent bonus!

You are also given the opportunity of earning Saga Points on all domestic flights, as well as between Reykjavik and Greenland with Air Iceland Connect. Add to this the advantage of receiving Points when booking your hotel or hiring a car through this airline. There are two types of fare from Air Iceland Connect that qualify for Saga Points: Flexible, and offers you 500-Saga Points, and Classic 200-Saga Points for each flight.

Alaska Airlines benefits you as an Icelandair Saga Club member by offering Saga Points as well as Card Points on their flights to multiple destinations in North America. Also included are Hawaii and Mexico. As a Member of Alaska Airline Mileage Plan you can accumulate Bonus Miles and Elite Miles for Icelandair flights.

JetBlue flights offer you as an Icelandair Saga Club member Saga Points and Card Points when you travel on their flights. Saga Silver members receive a 10% bonus on the Card Points, and Gold members a 20% bonus. 

Convenient Co-Branded Finance

First Bankcard customers possessing a Co-branded Icelandair MasterCard can earn Saga Points for all purchases made. In addition, they have the benefit of doubling the number of Saga Points awarded when the card is used for Icelandair products; for example, airline tickets and onboard purchases.

You will automatically be enrolled in the Icelandair Saga Club, a frequent flyer program, as soon as your application for the Icelandair MasterCard is approved. As purchases are made with your new card, the Saga Points earned will be transferred into your Saga Club account at the beginning of every month. As there is a choice of two versions of the Icelandair MasterCard will benefit you by comparing the differences to help you determine which card is best suited to your requirements!

Earn Your Saga Points from Accommodation Stays

As a Saga Club Member every time you book accommodation by way of Icelandair Hotel Search, you can earn Saga Points. You will have the benefit of earning 2-Saga Points for every EUR you spend on your hotel accommodation, which will be allocated to your Saga Club account sixty-days following your stay. 

You also have the option of arranging your accommodation with, recognized as a world leader in online accommodation reservations. 

You are offered:

  • The most extensive hotel database worldwide
  • Highly competitive rates 
  • Free booking 
  • Convenient and effective service
  • 24 x 7 service in your home language

By example, among the excellent hotel options available to you are the Radisson and Park Plaza. You are offered as a Saga Club member, 500-Saga Points for each qualified stay at Radisson in the United States at Park Plaza! In addition, you are able to convert earned Radisson Rewards-TM-points within the Radisson Rewards program to Saga Points, at a rate of 8 points for 1-Saga Point.  

Earn Saga Points With Car Rental and More

Your Saga Club Member points-earning opportunities are increased when you rent a car using the Icelandair Car Rental Search program, powered by You will benefit by receiving 2-Saga Points for every EUR you spend in connection with renting a car. The points earned will be credited to your Saga Club account sixty-days following the rental period. 

By utilizing the service of, you are being served by the largest online car rental service worldwide! You will be offered:

  • Service from 900-companies in over 53,000 locations
  • The most competitive pricing structure is guaranteed 
  • You are not subject to cancellation or amendment fees
  • Ratings from 3.5-million customers
  • 24 x 7 customer service in your home language
  • No Credit Card Fees

You also have the choice of earning your Saga Points with Hertz worldwide car rental. As an Icelandair Saga Club Member, you will earn Points every time you rent a car from Hertz. You can earn 1.000 or 2.000 Saga Points from your rental, dependent upon the size of the car hired!

  • Smaller-sized cars: 1.000 Saga Points-per-rental
  • Larger cars: 2.000 Saga Points-per-rental

Sixt Rent a Car is a further car rental option for you as a Member of the Icelandair Saga Club to earn Points. You will be welcome at 4,000 service stations in more than 100-countries, and which boast the largest BMW and Mercedes-Benz fleet worldwide. You will have the option of making a selection of the latest models from leading manufacturers of sports cars, jeeps, convertibles, and trucks.

Earn Activity Points 

Your Icelandair Saga Club membership encourages you to enjoy various activities by rewarding you with Saga Points. When booking an activity by way of “GetYourGuide” you have a selection of over 30,000 activities, literally at your fingertips. Furthermore, this service provider assures you and even guarantees that you, as an Icelandair Saga Club Member will receive the best available price!