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TAP Miles&Go
Offering you 88-destinations in 38-countries, which include Miami and New York and Miami in the USA, TAP Portugal has been the recipient of various service and performance awards during the past years.

They include recognition as the World’s Best Airline from Condé Nast Traveler magazine. Due to the airline being a member of the Star Alliance, its Miles&Go frequent flyer program, is capable of providing you with worldwide service.
  • Pros
  • Good number of partner airlines
  • Discounted tickets for children
  • Cons
  • Stopovers are not permitted
  • Fuel surcharges could be applied
  • Angled –seats only in Business Class
  • Not all partners are bookable online
  • Fees & Charges
  • Booking fee
  • Expiration: Miles expire 36 months since last activity.
  • For some programs, an activity is any accrual of miles, crediting a flight, transfering or purchasing miles. For others, spending activities such as redeeming or donating points counts as an activity.

Transfer Partners

Marriott points
3 : 1
+ 15,000 bonus
42 days
IHG points
5 : 1
42 days
The ratio is the number of flexible reward points it would take to transfer to TAP Miles&Go.
Transfer time is what is reported by the transfer programs, supplemented by our own research. However, actual time to transfer is often highly variable.

Airlines and Fuel Surcharge

This table will show you the partner airlines can be booked online and those which impose fuel surcharge.

TAP Portugal TAP Portugal
Star Alliance™
United Airlines United Airlines
Star Alliance™
Adria Airways Adria Airways
Star Alliance™
Aegean Airlines Aegean Airlines
Star Alliance™
Air Canada Air Canada
Star Alliance™
Air China Air China
Star Alliance™
Air India Air India
Star Alliance™
Air New Zealand Air New Zealand
Star Alliance™
Star Alliance™
Asiana Airlines Asiana Airlines
Star Alliance™
Austrian Airlines Austrian Airlines
Star Alliance™
Avianca Avianca
Star Alliance™
Brussels Airlines Brussels Airlines
Star Alliance™
Copa Airlines Copa Airlines
Star Alliance™
Croatia Airlines Croatia Airlines
Star Alliance™
EgyptAir EgyptAir
Star Alliance™
Ethiopian Airlines Ethiopian Airlines
Star Alliance™
Star Alliance™
LOT Polish Airlines LOT Polish Airlines
Star Alliance™
Lufthansa Lufthansa
Star Alliance™
Scandinavian Airlines Scandinavian Airlines
Star Alliance™
Shenzhen Airlines Shenzhen Airlines
Star Alliance™
Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines
Star Alliance™
South African Airways South African Airways
Star Alliance™
Star Alliance™
Thai Airways Thai Airways
Star Alliance™
Turkish Airlines Turkish Airlines
Star Alliance™

Program Review

The TAP Miles&Go Frequent Flyers program is designed to help you to earn miles from the start. With more than 150-partners, you are given the opportunity to accumulate miles not only by taking flights but by way of your everyday lifestyle. From this point, the next stage is to redeem miles, search your next destination and wished for travel experience!

Your TAP Portugal – Miles&Go incentives are enhanced by being rewarded with Miles whenever you travel with TAP. The number you receive is naturally determined by the miles-distance flown in miles and it can also depend on the type of service you choose.

This is achieved with its regional-based Frequent Flyers program that also provides for the variances between high-season and off-peak levels in redeeming your miles flown. Choosing to travel out of season and utilizing flights with TAP Portugal will usually ensure you receive the best available value.

TAP Miles&Go miles offers you this status as a base member and two elite status levels: of Silver and Gold, which complement those 2-levels under the Star Alliance rewards.

Star Alliance Tier Status

As a member of the TAP Portugal – Miles&Go program you are entitled to the benefits that can be earned from the two Status Tiers levels offered by the Star Alliance, namely, Silver and Gold.


  • Priority Standby at the airport.
  • Preference in Reservations waitlist.


In addition to the Silver benefits, you will receive:

  • Extra 44-pounds or piece of luggage.
  • Priority check-in at the airport.
  • Baggage handling preferences.
  • Access to more than 1,000 airport lounges for you as a member and one guest flying with a Star Alliance airline.
  • Preferred reservations.
  • Prioritized waitlist for boarding.
  • Gold Track Security clearance.

TAP Portugal – Miles&Go Elite

Your Elite TAP Miles&Go status levels include the benefits you achieved within your previous levels but with some significant added advantages.

TAP Miles&Go Elite Silver

  • Added luggage allowance.
  • A Bonus of 25-percent miles on the flights you take.
  • You gain access to TAP lounges.
  • Eligible for the priority waiting list.
  • Preference check-in and baggage service.
  • Prioritized boarding and assigned seating.
  • Guaranteed seating.
  • You are given access to dedicated TAP counters, and airport Fast Track Security.
  • Your seat is protected against irregularities.
  • Newspapers and magazines offered free in-flight.
  • Last-minute access to upgrades.

TAP Miles&Go Elite Gold

As a priority TAP Portugal – Miles&Go member, you achieve:

  • Star Alliance lounges access for yourself and one companion.
  • Bonus miles to the value of 50-percent.
  • Awarding of Gold status for your partner.
  • A companion is offered an award ticket at a 60-percent discount rate.
  • Prioritized free parking.
  • Preferential check-in for Star Alliance flights.
  • Access to a high profiled customer service center.
  • You receive an exemption from determined service fees.
  • Available emergency assistance regarding last-minute flights issues.

Additional incentives that influence and enhance your TAP Portugal – Miles&Go Elite membership status include your being able to upgrade paid for in cash tickets with TAP Portugal from economy to business class with your accumulated miles. For example; upgrading one-way the United States and Portugal is available for 20,000 miles.

Great Value and Customer Service

Customer service and value for money are to major influences in travel today. With this in mind, your TAP Portugal – Miles&Go miles program is designed and structured to provide you with the best possible flying experience and opportunities.

This is seen during the offseason; with business class flights between the United States and South America with Star Alliance carriers are available for only 90,000 miles per-roundtrip. Furthermore, when flying between the USA and Oceania they will cost you only 130,000 miles, which makes for excellent redemption value!

The TAP Portugal – Miles&Go miles program combines Alaska, Hawaii and the continental United States into one region. This is a strategic design that can be a positive factor in your flight arrangements when traveling between those states. For instance; a United States founded frequent flyer program will generally charge you more for a flight from Alaska or Hawaii to Europe than flights between Europe and the conterminous United States. These are the 48-adjoining American states, and Washington, D.C on the North American continent.

However, this it’s not the case with your TAP Portugal – Miles&Go program!

Efficient and Economic Air Travel

We can start this section with saving you money; firstly, because the different seasons do not have any influence on your redemptions from the Star Alliance partners. Follow this up with your being able to book flights between the USA and Europe during off-peak periods for a price about 10,000 miles less a roundtrip for either economy or business class.

This is added to by the availability of one-way redemptions on various flights, and if you have children aged between 2–and–11 years they are entitled to a 50-percent discount! Travel Business Class and you could take advantage of significant TAP Portugal – Miles&Go program redemptions between the United States and Europe, South America or Oceania, with excellent dining menus also available.

Other Considerations of Your Membership

As with the majority of incentive programs, there are various other considerations to take into account, which include;

  • Stopovers are not permitted with award tickets
  • Long-haul award tickets in economy on partner airlines are market competitive
  • Discounted tickets for children are not accepted during the Saving
  • Fuel surcharges could be applied to many flights
  • Booking awards can incur fees
  • Angled –seats are offered only in Business Class
  • You could encounter flights that do not provide personal entertainment facilities

Get the Best Value for Your TAP Miles&Go Miles

Receiving the best value for your TAP Portugal – Miles&Go program miles must be seen as a priority, and this is helped achieved by flying with TAP Portugal during the “Saving Seasons.” This can be seen by your being able to obtain a domestic class award flight in Portugal for only 7,500 miles a roundtrip.

Alternatively, you could book a Business Class flight between the USA and Portugal for only 90,000 miles or, if you prefer, fly Economy Class for only 50,000 miles!