ConnectMiles - Copa Airlines

Copa Holdings subsidiary, Copa Airlines, has recently launched a new passenger-loyalty program called ConnectMiles. The program is aimed at enhancing its relationship with regular flyers and offering them special benefits. ConnectMiles has the same model for using miles (earning and redeeming) as the previous Copa loyalty programs. The program rewards can be used towards Copa Airlines flights and earning additional miles. The last option depends on the purchased fare and the acquired status of the passenger.

As ConnectMiles is a member of the Star Alliance global airline network, all members of the program will have the opportunity to redeem awards and earn special miles designed for traveling to more than 1,300 different destinations, including the world's main air carriers. The members are also provided with the option to use miles for various upgrades ranging from class to courtesy when traveling with acquired tickets. In addition, they get an access to competitive fees of mileage-redemption and more flexible qualification requirements.
  • Pros
  • Booking tool is easy to use
  • Specific airline partner search ❶
  • Good number of partner airlines
  • Most airlines can be booked online
  • Cons
  • No any 1 : 1 transfer partners
  • City can not be set as origin ❷
  • Fees & Charges
  • Phone booking fee
  • Expiration: Miles expire 24 months since last activity.
  • For some programs, an activity is any accrual of miles, crediting a flight, transfering or purchasing miles. For others, spending activities such as redeeming or donating points counts as an activity.
  • ❶ Booking tool allows you to search awards on specific airline partner
  • ❷ City can not be set as origin or destination point - only airport

Transfer Partners

Marriott points
3 : 1
+ 15,000 bonus
42 days
The ratio is the number of flexible reward points it would take to transfer to ConnectMiles.
Transfer time is what is reported by the transfer programs, supplemented by our own research. However, actual time to transfer is often highly variable.

Airlines and Fuel Surcharge

This table will show you the partner airlines can be booked online and those which impose fuel surcharge.

Air New Zealand Air New Zealand
Star Alliance™
Croatia Airlines Croatia Airlines
Star Alliance™
Shenzhen Airlines Shenzhen Airlines
Star Alliance™
Turkish Airlines Turkish Airlines
Star Alliance™
Adria Airways Adria Airways
Star Alliance™
Aegean Airlines Aegean Airlines
Star Alliance™
AeroMexico AeroMexico
Air Canada Air Canada
Star Alliance™
Air China Air China
Star Alliance™
Air India Air India
Star Alliance™
Star Alliance™
Asiana Airlines Asiana Airlines
Star Alliance™
Austrian Airlines Austrian Airlines
Star Alliance™
Avianca Avianca
Star Alliance™
Brussels Airlines Brussels Airlines
Star Alliance™
Copa Airlines Copa Airlines
Star Alliance™
EgyptAir EgyptAir
Star Alliance™
Ethiopian Airlines Ethiopian Airlines
Star Alliance™
Star Alliance™
No alliance
LOT Polish Airlines LOT Polish Airlines
Star Alliance™
Lufthansa Lufthansa
Star Alliance™
Scandinavian Airlines Scandinavian Airlines
Star Alliance™
Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines
Star Alliance™
South African Airways South African Airways
Star Alliance™
Star Alliance™
TAP Portugal TAP Portugal
Star Alliance™
Thai Airways Thai Airways
Star Alliance™
United Airlines United Airlines
Star Alliance™

Program Review

Copa Airlines was founded in Panama in 1947. Today, the leading Latin American providers of passenger and cargo services to countries in North, Central, South America, and the Caribbean, are Copa Airlines Colombia and Copa Airlines. Its Hub of the Americas is strategically located at Tocumen International Airport in Panama, and it offers more destinations and frequencies than any other hub in Latin America, leading the way as the most connected airport in the region. Prestigious organizations have recognized Copa Airlines for its sustained operational excellence.

The World Travel Award gave the "Leading Airline for Mexico and Central America" prize to Copa Airlines in 2105. Copa continuously boasts an on-time performance of around 90 percent, among the best in the world. Furthermore, FlightStats and OAG have been naming it the "most punctual airline in Latin America" and the "second most punctual airline in the world" for three years in a row.

Get Miles-Connected with Copa Airlines

Founded in 1947 Copa Airlines has evolved and achieved further recognition amid the leading airlines in the Americas. This evolution has in turn been customer-oriented, with the application of an innovative loyalty program, ConnectMiles. Members can earn one-mile-per mile flown when you travel with Copa Airlines and over 26-Star Alliance and associated airlines. Your travel options include more than 1,300 destinations within 193 countries!

The ConnectMiles advantage can be enjoyed when you take your first flight with Copa Airlines, or anyone of the Star Alliance, or associated airline partners.

Connecting with your miles

Providing customers with flexible miles advantages is part of their service commitment, and with this in mind, they offer you the opportunity to earn 5-miles-earning options! ConnectMiles is a loyalty program specially designed for their travelers. It also rewards you for your loyalty with exclusive benefits only be available to their members.

•    Base Miles or Status Qualifying Miles relate to the miles you fly with: Copa Airlines (Colombia), Star Alliance member airlines, and other airline partners

•    Fare Bonus Miles are related to the cost of the fare when traveling on the above-stated airlines, with some also being recognized as status qualifying miles

•    Status Bonus Miles are connected to your preferred Member status when you travel with Copa Airlines and Copa Airlines Colombia

•    Promotion Bonus Miles give you the advantage of Bonus Miles when offered by ConnectMiles as promotional incentives

•    Business Partner Miles which are earned for non-airline activities, including hotel stays, credit card purchases and car rental!

Status Qualifying Bonus

Earning your miles is made conveniently easy, with you as a member being rewarded on a mile-for-mile basis when you fly with them or their airline partners. Also, you can qualify for status based on the number of miles or the number of segments flown, and members are rewarded with qualification miles.

These are determined by flown distance percentages and segment qualification when traveling on:

•    Copa Airlines
•    Copa Airlines (Colombia)
•    Star Alliance member airlines

Flexible rewards to meet your travel demands

Versatility and flexibility are recognized as being essential ingredients for their customer’s satisfaction. Accordingly, they offer 2 options of Miles balances:

•    Miles Balance - whereby your miles balance award may be utilized 
•    Status Qualifying Balance - in which you can gain status qualification founded on the number of miles or segments you have flown

When making your arrangements with their non-partnership airline operators, you can include your 9-digit ConnectMiles as a reference, which will enable you to receive benefits and earn miles! Their desire to offer you flexible travel is shown by an awareness that the customers should be able to utilize their earned miles for travel. And they appreciate this factor by providing multiple mile fares!

Saver Awards

If you are a traveler who prefers to allow for schedule changes and increased flexibility, then “Saver Awards” offer a preferred option to gain the best pricing value. It is available when traveling with Copa Airlines, (Colombia), and their Star Alliance airlines members.

Standard Awards

Although this award category is available at an increased price rate, it does offer you access to award tickets, providing seats are available on the selected aircraft! This program operates in association with Copa Airlines (Colombia), and United Airlines. 

As a ConnectMiles member, you can utilize your miles for upgrading cabin facilities on flights with Copa Airlines, (Colombia), as well as for selected flights provided by Star Alliance airlines members!

The Preferred Rewards program

This program provides incentives to their most recognized and loyal Frequent Flyers
Offering advantages that include:

•    Complimentary upgrades
•    A free Checked Baggage Allowance
•    Preferred Access at Airports
•    Added Bonus Miles determined by your PreferMember Status
•    Increased flexibility on Saver tickets for Copa Airlines and Copa Airlines Colombia
•    Reduced or waived call center booking fees, late booking fees, canceling and changing fees

The status segments related to this program are as follows:

•    Silver 25k-miles-20-segments
•    Gold-45k-miles-40-segments
•    Platinum-75k-miles-70-segments
•    Presidential-95k-miles-90-segments

Your mile-earning travel is not limited to your airlines’ journeys. You are given the opportunity to gain maximum benefits from your ConnectMiles membership with their strategic partnerships connections!

Your Partnership Advantage

The Star Alliance offers you all the advantages of a leading global airline network. It boasts the most significant number of member airlines, daily flights, countries, and destinations. As a member of ConnectMiles, you have the benefit of earning and utilizing your miles on all flights operated by any member airline. Also, the accumulated miles will qualify you for PreferMember status in ConnectMiles which will provide even greater exclusive benefits for you.

As a prestigious member of the largest worldwide airline partnership, Copa Airlines provides you with the ConnectMiles advantage. It enables you to earn and redeem miles on any of their associated airlines globally, with the miles you travel on the partnership airlines, qualifying you for maintaining and adding to your ConnectMiles status! This is enhanced by their partnerships that include banks, hotels, car rental companies, and which offer you various opportunities to increase your miles balance, as well as receiving preference service benefits.

Earning ConnectMiles with your Credit Cards

When you decide to gain your ConnectMiles credit cards with a member of their banks’ partnership, you are given the advantage of earning valuable miles from your daily expenses. These can be exchanged for a fantastic vacation by way of Copa Airlines, Star Alliance member airlines, as well as other airline partners within the program.

It’s your choice!

•    Visa Platinum-10,000 welcome miles
•    Visa Signature-15,000 welcome miles
•    Visa Gold-5,000 welcome miles
•    Visa Platinum-10,000 welcome miles
•    Visa Infinite-15,000 welcome miles
•    Amex Gold-5,000 welcome miles
•    Amex Platinum-10,000 welcome miles
•    Amex Black-15,000 welcome miles
•    Visa and Amex Corporate10,000 welcome miles

For your convenience, download facilities are available that offer you a digital card for Android, by adding to WalletPasses and for iPhone, you can add to the Apple Wallet!

Hotels and earning miles benefits

To ensure that customers receive the best possible value for their earned miles, they have formed partnerships with accommodation providers, such as the Barceló Hotel Group. This provides the opportunity for you as a ConnectMiles member to earn miles for stays at 42 urban 4 and 5 stars urban and holiday hotels, across 10 countries and territories in Latin America.  You can be rewarded on the basis of a US-Dollar spent and one earned, during your stays at determined hotels!

Another available accommodation-related earning option for you is their partnership with the Marriott Rewards® program. This affords you as a ConnectMiles member to earn ConnectMiles for stays at over 4,000 Marriott® hotels in over 70-countries and territories worldwide, and receive exclusive benefits. 

Redeeming your ConnectMiles

The redemption of your ConnectMiles is designed to be comfortable and convenient.  The program provides Members with the online means at to:

•    Complete transactions 
•    View account information
•    Redeem and Accrue mileage 

When you are a Member of the ConnectMiles! Copa Airlines' loyalty program, you can benefit from specialty Rewards and Awards as their valuable traveling customer. ConnectMiles ensure you are assured of excellent service from Copa Airlines, and the exciting and exclusive benefits, we believe you deserve!